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Nine Things to do Before Your Dentist Appointment

There are several reasons why everyone should visit a dentist regularly. If you are one of the few people who understand the importance of booking a dental appointment, there are certain practices and plans you need to put into action to ensure that your visit to a dental clinic like Asha Dental is a successful one. Below are some of them:

Brush and Floss

It is important that you take your oral hygiene seriously at all times and even more as you approach your dental appointment. You should make your dentist’s job easier by brushing and flossing regularly. In the case where you have neglected flossing for a long time, you can start a couple of days before your appointment. However, you should be careful not to overdo it as you can harm your teeth in the process. Flossing and brushing aim to make cleaning easier, to reduce the build-up of plaques, and to prevent bad breath.

No Eating Beforehand

One of the things that make your dental appointment a success is when you make your dentist’s job by ridding your mouth of any residue and smell of food. You can achieve this by not eating hours before your dental appointment. If you must eat, you should avoid food with garlic and other ingredients that could cause a pungent smell. Brushing your teeth after eating may also help; however, not eating is usually the best option.

Mental Prep

When having an appointment with your dentist, you need to be mentally prepared. This is beneficial to children or people who still get anxious at the thought of visiting dentists. Although your child may have taken a few trips to the dentist, going may still be a nightmare to them. As a result of this, mental preparation is important. You can do this by creating a routine they have to follow before their visit as it could calm them and make the trip less scary.

Smile A lot

You may be puzzled about how smiling helps when it comes to visiting your dentist. Well, since this event can be a nerve-wracking experience, the best option is to relax your mind and body with a smile. Unlike what you think, dentists are humans too, and in general, they are not unpleasant people. You can try watching something funny and relaxing videos before your visit to ease any tension.

Confirm Your Dental Appointment

Before going to the dental office, you should endeavor to confirm your dental appointment at least 24 hours before your visit. This will help you know if any serious changes have been made to the schedule. Knowing everything beforehand can help you be at peace and prepared for what is ahead.

Know What Your Insurance Covers

This is one of the most important things to put in place before your first dental visit. Dentists may not know the insurance information of all their patients, and because of that, it is better to call the office beforehand to inform them about your insurance status.

Put Together Your Dental Records

Before your big day, you can put together all your dental records from x-rays to treatments and insurance information. All this information is needed for your first visit, and having them beforehand can speed up the process.

Write Down Your Questions

The dentist’s office is not a press conference where questions have to be penned down carefully before the visit; however, this has been found very effective. The trip to a dentist’s office is not an easy one to take, and it can result in you forgetting the questions you had in mind. To prevent this from happening, you can write down the questions you want to ask your dentist or hygienist.

Come With Your Oral Aids

If you are currently using any form of oral appliances, you should endeavor to take it with you on your first visit. This will allow your dentist to check their condition. These devices may range from retainers to guards and appliances for sleep apnea. Your dentist may also recommend certain medications before your examinations to reduce the chances of an infection.

Finally, it is important to know that your dentist has your well-being in mind and will strive to give you the amazing smile you want. However, you should learn to air out your discomfort about certain procedures for a better experience.


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