Noir Nightclub Sydney slammed for anti-social patrons on Oxford Street

Fury over heterosexual nightclub on Sydney’s gay-friendly Oxford Street as locals complain of ‘aggressive and homophobic clientele’ abusing people in the street – and the venue vows to make ‘significant’ changes

  • Trendy Sydney club Noir under fire 
  • Club owner has promised venue will do better

Furious partygoers have demanded one of Sydney’s trendiest clubs close its doors after claiming badly behaved patrons in line terrorise passers-by on weekends. 

Noir, located in the heart of the city’s gay community on Oxford Street, has been slammed for its guests making the street feel ‘unsafe’ for queer people because it has a predominantly heterosexual clientele.

The ‘hedonistic’ nightclub, which opened in January, acknowledged the complaints on Wednesday when management posted a ‘promise’ to eradicate anti-social behaviour.

But activist and ‘Glitter King’ Kevin Kaila said the promise is only ‘halfway there’.

‘I wish they would have spoken to where they are located and about respecting that,’ he told FEMAIL.

Kevin had been horrified by stories of harassment and abuse by Noir patrons, but had never experienced it first-hand until recently.

Kevin Kaila was sporting a glittery blue beard for the King’s Birthday weekend when he claims he was targeted by homophobic bigots outside Noir on Oxford Street 

Noir's owner and management have promised to eradicate anti-social behaviour after members of the queer community said the club's patrons make Oxford Street feel 'unsafe'

Noir’s owner and management have promised to eradicate anti-social behaviour after members of the queer community said the club’s patrons make Oxford Street feel ‘unsafe’

That all changed on the King’s Birthday weekend when Kevin walked past a group of 50 people lining up and ‘hanging out’ outside the exclusive venue.

He said he was shouted at, belittled and assaulted – with someone throwing food at him as he walked from Stonewall to another club.

‘I have never felt more degraded, insulted, scared, frustrated and angry in the thousand times I have been out in Oxford Street,’ Kevin wrote.

And while he has a thick skin, he worries for his community who have come to know Oxford Street as a safe place.

‘You are actively bringing aggressive and homophobic clientele to the heart of the queer community and I don’t think it bothers you at all,’ he added in the letter. 

He said he was subject to physical and verbal abuse

Kevin wrote an open letter to raise awareness and call for action against the anti-social behaviour

Kevin’s viral post attracted hundreds of comments, with some blaming the security company for allowing the anti-social behaviour.

Imogen Anthony claimed she had to beg security to let her queer friends in when she hosted a party there.

‘It’s not the club, the owner himself Ronnie is very nice and I share friends with him,’ she wrote.

Oxford Street is widely accepted as the heartland of the LGBTQI+ community

Oxford Street is widely accepted as the heartland of the LGBTQI+ community

Others say ‘straight’ venues should be banned from opening on the strip.

One petition has had close to 1000 signatures following the most recent incidents – the writer included distressing moments they have seen between the queer community and Noir’s customers.

‘Just two weeks ago I personally witnessed two queer men kissing out the front of my venue where a group of men coming from the nightclub noir Sydney walked by and started yelling homophobic things to these queer men,’ they said.

Daily Mail Australia have reported on issues between the community and Noir before – with security criticised for shaming a trans-woman for using the female bathrooms. 

In their statement Noir management have committed to ‘rectify and eradicate’ any form of anti-social behaviour.

‘And ensure the safety of everyone on the street, regardless of race, gender, colour or creed.’

They added. ‘We believe in equality for all, and will not tolerate anything less for anyone in or around our community.’ 

It is not suggested that Noir’s owner and management condone any homophobic behaviour by the club’s patrons