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North Carolina dog wearing baby clothes is unamused

  • A video taken in New Hope, North Carolina shows a dog named Luna dressed up
  • The clothes appear to belong to her three human sisters
  • Luna stands in the kitchen unsure of how to move in her new ensemble
  • The girls comfort Luna as she looks sadly up at the camera

This dog is dressed to the nines – or canines, if you will.

A hilarious video shows a dog named Luna sporting baby clothes that appear to be a few sizes too small. 

The caption says: ‘no animals were harmed in the making of this video.’

The outfit includes a patterned T-shirt, aqua-colored leggings and spotted socks on her front paws. The leggings have a hole for Luna’s tail. 

A little girl comforts Luna by kissing her on the head as the dog looks sadly up at the camera

The pooch looks uncomfortable in the ensemble as her owner asks her if she wants to go outside. 

A baby wearing a similar outfit crawls around on the floor laughing at the Luna.

Two other girls dance around a pet Luna, who looks shyly up at the camera. 

‘Luna are you mad at me?’ the mom asks the dog.

One of the girls goes up to Luna to give her a kiss to comfort her.

The video was taken on August 11 in New Hope, North Carolina. It was posted to by the user Votaw311.

Luna looks unamused in her outfit

A baby is shown wearing a very similar outfit

Luna stands in the kitchen looking unamused as a baby crawls around in similar clothing

Luna runs across the kitchen in socked feet

She runs to another dog who hasn't been dressed up

Luna runs across the kitchen in socked-feet over to another dog who hasn’t been dressed up and almost appears to be asking the other dog for help