Not our fault if runways melt, says Easyjet boss Johann Lundgren

Not our fault if runways melt: Easyjet boss Johann Lundgren blames travel disruption on ‘external factors’

Easyjet’s boss has said airlines are not to blame for disruption facing passengers if runways are closed down because they are melting.

Johan Lundgren, the low cost carrier’s chief executive, said Easyjet’s own operations were running normally and that it was external factors that were causing continued problems.

Easyjet, like other airlines, has cancelled thousands of flights as the industry grapples with problems including staff shortages – just as passenger demand rebounds after the pandemic.

Out of my hands: Easyjet boss Johann Lundgren (pictured) blamed the ongoing disruption that has hit customers of the budget airline on ‘external factors’

The heatwave has also had an impact, with Luton airport briefly suspending flights on Monday due to a ‘surface defect’ on the runway. 

Lundgren, speaking yesterday as he announced millions of pounds of investment in a hydrogen engine project with Rolls-Royce, said problems were being experienced across the industry.

He said Easyjet itself was now seeing ‘similar level of operational performance to 2019’.

‘There are also things that sit outside our control,’ he added.

‘We can’t help it if runways are closed down because they’re melting.

‘The things that are in our control have been stabilised.’