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Notary Public Dubai: The Most Common Questions Answered

What authority does a public notary in Dubai have?

A notary public in Dubai has authority to:

  • Take depositions;
  • Take acknowledgements;
  • Certify copies of certain documents that are not recordable in public records;
  • Administer affirmations and oaths;
  • Protest instruments

Can a notary public in Dubai prepare legal documents?

It cannot prepare legal documents. A notary public doesn’t impart legal authority but one that is also a lawyer can provide guidance and legal advice. duty of a notary public is to perform notarial acts and completing notarial certificates.

Can a notary public in Dubai help with drafting of legal documents?

As mentioned earlier, a notary public in Dubai can’t draft, prepare, select, or provide advice regarding legal documents unless there is a lawyer employed.

What are a notary public’s responsibilities?

A notary public Dubai’s primary responsibility is preventing fraud. It’s accomplished by:

  • Placing signatories to documents under oath;
  • Ensuring signatories acknowledge that they have complete understanding to the document that they sign voluntarily on a specific date (signatories must provide acknowledgement in a notary public’s presence);
  • Confirming that the signatories are who they claim to be;
  • Taking affirmations of truthfulness of statements made

Can a public notary in Dubai notarize its own signature?

No, a public notary in Dubai can’t notarize its own signature.

Can a public notary notarize a spouse’s signature for its business documents?

There’s no specific statute which addresses this question; however, the general rule applies and that is a notary public in Dubai can’t perform notarization for documents in which is a party to instruments or has financial or personal benefit in the transactions.

Can a notary public in Dubai notarize signatures without the people being present? Is a notary public able to take acknowledgements online or over the phone?

No. Public notaries in Dubai are not commissioned to be online notaries, which means they are to perform notarial acts if signers are present during the time of the transaction that’s taking place. A notary’s primary responsibility is preventing fraud. A notary does so by requiring physical or personal presence of signatories to documents, making positive identification of signatories, and placing them under affirmation or oath, or taking acknowledgement of signatories that documents were signed for the purpose that is stated. Forgeries often occur as notaries fail in requiring document signatories to be present during notarization.

Does a document have to be signed in the presence of a notary public in Dubai?

Any document that requires an affirmation or oath has to be signed with a public notary in Dubai present. A document that requires signature acknowledgement may be signed prior to the signatory’s appearance before a public notary. In order for acknowledgement to be given by the public notary, the signer or signatory has to appear before the public notary. A public notary in Dubai can’t complete notarial certificates if signatories during the time of notarial acts are not present.

If documents requiring oaths are signed before signatories appear before a notary public in Dubai, will a notary be able to refuse to undergo notarization to documents?

The notary can request signatories to sign documents again. Notaries can add notes in their records as second signature at request of notary.

Can a notary public notarize documents that are not filled out completely?

No. A notary public can’t notarize signatures that are on documents which contain blank spaces. Signatories are to complete blanks or seek advice of an attorney in Dubai.

Will a public notary create certified copies of death certificates, marriage licenses and birth certificates?

The documents are recordable, and certified copies may only be issued from government agencies that are custodian to the records. A public notary can only certify copies of the original legal documents which aren’t recordable in public records.

Can a notary public in Dubai perform notarial acts throughout the country?

Yes, a notary public in Dubai will be able to assist you with any of its services regardless of the emirate you are in.

Can a public notary in Dubai perform marriage ceremonies?

No, a notary public is not authorized in performing marriage ceremonies.

What are proper steps followed by a notary for notarial acts?

  • Review the document
  • Verify identity of a signatory properly
  • Demand signatory’s personal appearance
  • Determine the awareness of the signatory regarding the transaction
  • Perform ceremony’s verbal element
  • Make the signatory sign the record book of the notary public
  • Keep a record of details regarding the transaction within the record book, incl. Fees charged
  • Sign, fill in and seal or stamp the notarial certificate

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