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NRL star Darius Boyd and wife Kayla expecting their second child 

‘We couldn’t be happier’: NRL star Darius Boyd and wife Kayla announce they’re expecting their second child

NRL Broncos captain Darius Boyd and his wife Kayla are expecting their second child.

The glamorous WAG revealed the happy news to Instagram on Wednesday, sharing a photo of the couple’s daughter Willow, three, kissing her baby bump.

Kayla, 30, told her followers she ‘couldn’t be happier’ as she awaits the October birth. 

‘We couldn’t be happier’: NRL star Darius Boyd and wife Kayla [pictured with daughter Willow, three] have announced they’re expecting their second child

In the photo, Kayla stands side on, and sports a white dress shirt that skims over her burgeoning baby bump.

Her brunette locks fall in relaxed waves around her shoulders, and she gazes down at her adorable daughter Willow.

Little Willow, dressed in a burgundy striped top and brown corduroy pinafore, plants a kiss on her mother’s belly.

Kayla shared the couple’s happy news in the post’s caption: ‘Darius and I couldn’t be happier to announce that we will be graced with the presence of another little angel in October.’   

Kayla and Darius, who wed in 2012, have had their fair share of challenges over the years. 

In March 2017, Kayla revealed her heartbreak after she discovered her husband was having an affair.

Speaking exclusively to Nine News at the time, Kayla broke down about the moment her marriage started to crumble.  

‘I don’t want to be looked at as ‘oh her marriage is perfect or she’s perfect’. Like there are flaws and there are many cracks,’ she told Channel Nine at the time.  

‘They weren’t great times,’ she admitted to Channel Nine. ‘I’m shocked that I’m sitting here and I’m talking about him and we’re still married.’  

Kayla said she was prepared to call it quits on their relationship after learning Darius was unfaithful to her, saying: ‘I was 100 per cent done.’    

But the couple decided to work through their marriage as she stood by her husband when he was battling mental health issues.

‘I ended up meeting up with him and he looked so sick, he looked drained and exhausted. He hadn’t been eating and hadn’t been sleeping,’ she said.

‘Everybody knows we have gone through the worst and everything that would tear a relationship apart.

‘And that’s why we both literally hold our heads extremely high because we can be 100 per cent genuinely happy with where we are.’

Darius Boyd responded to the interview, telling The Courier Mail at the time that he feels ‘terrible’. ‘It’s something no-one deserves to go through. No one deserved that at all.’