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Number of Covid-19 deaths in week ending May 15 dropped to a six-week LOW

Number of Covid-19 deaths in week ending May 15 dropped to a six-week LOW with 3,810 coronavirus fatalities recorded as data shows the number of victims in the UK is at least 46,000

  • Weekly deaths dropped from peak of 8,758 to 3,810 in the space of a month
  • But tally shows there were 46,371 coronavirus fatalities by May 15 across UK
  • By that time the Department of Health had only officially counted 33,998 
  • During outbreak there have been 53,960 ‘excess’ deaths in England and Wales
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Fewer people died of coronavirus during the week between May 9 and May 15 than at any point over the past six weeks, statistics have revealed.

The total COVID-19 death toll in that week was 3,810 in England and Wales, a drop of 120 from the week earlier.

And the figure is a fall of more than half from the peak of the outbreak when 8,758 people died in the worst week, from April 11 to 17.

Back-dated data from death certificates also show that more than 46,000 people had been killed by the virus by May 15, significantly more than the number counted by the Department of Health.

The Government yesterday acknowledged a further 121 fatalities, taking the current official total to 36,914. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak began there have been 53,960 ‘excess deaths’ in England and Wales, meaning all of those people died on top of the number that would be expected in a normal year.