OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmer for winter walks costs just £19.99

‘A godsend during the colder weather’: Shoppers are loving this rechargeable hand warmer for winter walks (and it’s only £19.99)

Now the first chilly hint of autumn has arrived, many of us will be getting out our winter wardrobes in a bid to stay toasty. 

While gloves are a practical autumn accessory, Amazon shoppers are upgrading theirs with a hand warmer. 

Fitting snuggly in the palm of your hand, the £19.99 OCOOPA Hand Warmer has proved to be a big hit among shoppers looking to warm up during cold spells. The rechargeable hand warmer also doubles up as a power bank for your phone so you can stay connected on long winter walks. 

The rechargeable OCOOPA Hand Warmer has received  a near-perfect average score of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon with shoppers calling it a ‘godsend’

A hand warmer may be seen as a bit of an indulgent purchase, but at under £20 you can’t really go wrong. 

In fact, over 900 shoppers have bought and loved the OCOOPA Hand Warmer, awarding it a near-perfect average score of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. Shoppers have called the device ‘a brilliant little warmer’ and a ‘godsend during the colder weather’. 

The hand warmer couldn’t be simpler to use. Just press and hold the switch to turn it on and short press to pick between the three heat settings. Then the pack will instantly release the warmth for you. 

As it’s so small and lightweight it can be carried anywhere. Ideal for outdoor sporting events, dog walks, hiking or fishing, it’s the perfect winter warming companion. 

‘Brilliant little warmer,’ wrote one happy shopper. ‘Bought one of these for myself, I feel the cold, so wanted something like this to get my hands warmed up! Really good little gadget, heats up very quickly and cools down quick as well.’

Another customer wrote: ‘Really easy and simple to use, ergonomic, and small enough to carry around in my coat pocket, a must for chilly winter days.’

A third added: ‘Exceptional heat – fast! This hand warmer produces exceptional heat, at 3 different levels. Having turned it on initially just to see how effective it was, I can confirm within some 4-8 minutes it was very warm.’

Warming up to 55 degrees, the pebble shaped OCOOPA Hand Warmer is ideal for winter walks

Warming up to 55 degrees, the pebble shaped OCOOPA Hand Warmer is ideal for winter walks

Warming up to 55 degrees, the pebble shaped OCOOPA Hand Warmer is a powerful little gadget. While it’s perfectly suited to winter walks, many of the reviews claim it helps with arthritic pain and Raynauds. 

One states: ‘I have rheumatoid arthritis and bought this hand warmer to see if it would help ease the pain in my hands. So far I am very pleased with my purchase. It heats up very quickly and has different heat settings for your own preference.’ 

Another reviewer wrote: ‘This is hands down THE best product I have ever purchased it has changed my life!! 

‘I run and I suffer with chronic pain and poor circulation so I really struggle with the cold and I can’t feel my fingers for ages when they get cold… This is so warm and even on the highest setting can be felt clearly through gloves. Worth every single penny.’ 

The gadget takes two to three hours for a full charge and shoppers have been impressed with how long it stays warm for. 

One shopper raved: ‘The heat it produces is quite amazing and it stays warm for hours. My son takes it to school in the morning and it’s still hot when he comes home.’ 

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