Olight Baton 3 Pro: Reliable compact flashlight with wireless charger

Baton 3 Pro flashlight to buy

Baton 3 Pro is manufactured by the Olight Company.

The compact, rugged design of the flashlight is perfect for everyday carrying in your pants pocket, military backpack, or handy kidney. It will illuminate your surroundings while camping, walking the dog, or working.

Olight Baton 3 Pro, is a very compact flashlight, equipped with high-performance TIR lenses and LED that emit a balanced and smooth beam. This flashlight provides a 1,500 lumens output and 175m throw.

The flashlight is powered by a 18650 3200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is perfect for use while patrolling and hiking.

This flashlight is O-ring sealed and has an IPX-8 water resistance rating, which means it can be fully submerged in water to a depth of two meters. Equipped with a metal double-sided clip, permit you to carry it clipped to the edge of your pocket.

You can also attach it to shelves, metal parts, and tubes, thanks to the powerful magnet in the base of the EDC flashlight.


  • O-ring sealed construction is IPX-8 waterproof
  • Reversible metal clip for attaching to tactical or trousers equipment
  • A handy switch, also liable for changing the operating mode
  • A wide beam of light
  • A powerful magnet on the base permits to be linked to metal pipes, racks, parts
  • Bright LED
  • A special non-clip casing better the grip of the flashlight
  • Powered by 18650 3200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery charged by USB cable with magnetic tip

Why an Olight Baton 3 Pro is perfect for camping

When it comes to having the best EDC flashlight, the question may not be very easy. You may need to take many factors into accounts, such as durability, battery life, price, and brightness.

In the end, getting a top standard torch will definitely be worth the full question and will help you have relaxation of mind since you will know there is a strong light source at all times.

Here are some reasons to carry a Baton 3 Pro small rechargeable flashlight, especially when you go camping.

The power of the Baton 3 Pro flashlight is unmatched

It is not unknown that these flashlights have a long lifespan.

Additionally, they are efficient and just the best choice for any outdoor activity. If you are going camping in a dark area, it may be every bit as amazing and fun as it can get, but at the same time, it can also be bone-chilling, mainly after sunset.

Having a tool as efficient and safe as an EDC flashlight will put your mind at ease and make sure that you have an ample power source at all times. If you are wondering where to get the best flashlight, Olight is a reliable option that helps you get the best camping equipment.

It is a hundred times better than a mobile flashlight

You may think that the flashlight from a mobile should be sufficient to keep the area illuminated, but you can never be more wrong. A smartphone torch can drain your battery in minutes, leaving you with no way to communicate if required.

Additionally, during emergencies, mobile flashlights are never reliable.

Not only will your phone battery drain fast, but the brightness will also not be up to par.

In a condition like camping, there is hardly any source to charge your battery from. Hence, instead of relying on mobile to do something, it is not meant to; in the first place, get a reliable Baton 3 Pro flashlight.

It is well-suited for emergencies

Even if you think your campsite is placed in the safest vicinity, you may never know what issues await you. In times like these having a strong light source is as vital as having food. You can use it as a tool to signal others to come to your help.

Factors to keep in mind when you buy an EDC flashlight

How bright they are

Lumen refers to the light amount your naked eye can view, and the more lumens there are in your flashlight, the more it is likely to be brighter. Devices with a higher lumen amount can also travel great distances, which means you will be capable of viewing more ground while walking.

How strong they are

Durability favors a device’s capability to tackle challenges such as water or impact, for example. With an EDC flashlight, you would not have to be worried as they are known for being powerful and resistant in the face of any challenges.

They are also functional at top altitudes; anyway, you may want to ensure that your flashlight can withstand harsh situations if you are going on camping.

How small or big they are

Size is a very vital factor when you pick to buy an EDC flashlight. If your circumstances do not permit you to carry hard equipment around, you may want to go for a pocket-size device.

Ensure to take all the circumstances you may cross into account and view if getting a bigger flashlight is worth carrying around.

Does it have desired features?

At the very least, you will want a self-defense flashlight with a few pick features that will help with personal protection. The strobe feature would be highly advised since it can blindside and confuse attackers for a few seconds.

Rigid, sharp edges for the head can be used for direct attacks too.

If it is a big flashlight for you to use for hitting with, a durable, hard case would be highly advantageous, with a durable, military-grade aluminum or plastic would be worth looking into.

Is the Baton 3 pro flashlight easy to use?

Last but not least, a self defense Baton 3 Pro flashlight should be simple to use. If it is too hard or cumbersome, it might become a hindrance instead of a helpful item. Consider the flashlight features, begin with, and know how it is intended to be used.

Are there lots of steps, or are there too many fiddly buttons? Is the torch made of materials that would be capable of withstanding impacts when you need to use it as a baton?

These questions and more need to be asked before planning your final purchase.