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Omega Seamaster 300 – The Best Watch for Divers

In the list of diving watches, Omega Seamaster 300 always manages its principal position. Many variants were then introduced and with each new model, specifications and features were upgraded in what people wanted and what an iconic watch should be in terms of design and precision.

The Omega Seamaster collection was first announced in 1948 made especially for the British Royal Navy, it was the time of celebration of the 100th anniversary of Omega. Seamaster is the oldest and longest-running line of brand and is still being produced. It is not wrong to refer this watch to be the most innovative version of Omega Marine ” First Divers Watch”.

The sophisticated design and the detailed expertise were carried forward from Marine to create the very first iconic model with enhanced specification never introduced before in the world of luxury watchmaking.

The original version of this series was only water-resistant to 60 meters and was not a part of professional diving, but with the introduction of the later 300 series, watch for divers was reintroduced in a robust manner and in a completely enhanced form to meet the needs of the new generation.

Omega’s famous Trilogy:

The first appearance of the most famous Iconic timepiece now and then was seen in 1957 as the part of the Famous Trilogy. The famous trilogy is a collection of 3 robust watches Speedmaster, Railmaster, and most importantly the Seamaster 300.  Speedmaster (also known to be the first watch worn at the moon) is an iconic version of the series and counted as one of the best watches in the collection due to its complicated features embedded in it. It was also part of the Olympic and still being used as the official timekeeper in the Olympics. Railmaster is a different kind of featured watch, as we are familiar with the watch that is water resistant, chronographs, and the timekeeper version of Omega series, but it is not wrong to say that Railmaster is a watch designed for Scientists. A watch that is unaffected by a magnetic field so that it can be used in the laboratory.

Collection of Omega Seamaster 300 

Seamaster was seen in many variants, it contains a large collection. It can be seen with 4 dial types, 11bezels,2 cases, 5 movements, and also with 4 sets of minute and hour hands. Many upgraded and enhanced versions of this robust series were seen with different references.

Classic Seamaster Professional 300M is one of the best edition of Omega watches and is the reason for the popularity for the brand. It was used by the professional divers because of its ability to withstand enormous water pressure.

It was then introduced, a watch equipped with Omega’s most innovative technology and enormous features including


  • Liquid-metal: Based on Zirconium alloy (silver beauty) is resisted to corrosion and scratching.
  • 18k Cera-gold: A mixed version of ceramic and gold (18k), the finishing of parts is done with Cera-gold in a detailed manner that provides a smooth look.
  • 18k Sedna gold: An enduring shade of rose gold attained by the resilience of palladium mixed with the gold equipped with the dash copper color.
  • Extendable bracelet: Bracelet has an extendable feature that can be easily adjusted because of rock-and-pusher clasp. It contains a button to release the grip and then the inner clasp can be adjusted to the desired length.
  • Anti-magnetic: Master Co-Axial Mechanical Movement with an anti-magnetic feature is resistant to more than 15,000 gauss, an advanced feature seen in its line.

Limited Editions Based on Platinum 

In the line of 300 models, two limited editions of seamaster300 was created based on 950 platinum. Both models have the finest finishing, one is equipped with a platinum bracelet and the other is equipped with blue leather. Both watches reflect a robust look and a touch of rich heritage in its making, Liquidmetal of 850 grades of platinum is used in the making of these platinum editions.

The Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited edition 

Omega is World’s most beloved spy James Bond’s choice. It was seen in almost all of James Bond’s movies as a gadget to give a classy look to the character and to enhance its personality as a professional agent. Seamaster 300 Spectre limited edition was then introduced with the release of the film SPECTRE (24th movie of James Bond), It features an innovative look, enhanced with the special feature, and this was the first time 007 released a limited edition.