One confirmed dead and multiple people injured after shooting at Michigan State University

BREAKING NEWS: One confirmed dead and multiple injured after shots fired at Michigan State University: Active shooter armed with ‘long gun’ is running on foot as SECOND shooting is reported at college gym

  • Michigan State University said there have been two shootings at different locations on the East Lansing campus
  • A Detroit television station confirmed at least one person has been killed, and multiple people are injured 
  • Police are on scene and students are being told to shelter in place: MSU said they believe it is a lone gunman

At least one person has been shot dead and multiple others injured after a gunman opened fire at Michigan State University on Monday night.

The suspect, who is believed to be running around campus on foot with a ‘large gun’, is still at large, police said.

It is understood that the gunman opened fire in at least two locations. It’s unclear where the one fatality, reported by Local 4 News, occurred.

The shooting comes on the eve of the five year-anniversary of the Valentine’s Day shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 people.

The University tweeted: ‘MSU ALERT: There have been shots fired near Berkey Hall on the East Lansing campus. 

‘Please secure-in-place immediately. Police are active on scene. More information to follow.’

One report said there was a person running across campus with a long gun and a hood up.

MSU said there was a suspect on foot, and they believe the gunman is acting alone. 

Police are seen on campus at Michigan State University in East Lansing, after reports of an active shooter

Police are seen on campus at Michigan State University in East Lansing, after reports of an active shooter

About an hour later, campus police reported: ‘There is another reported shooting at IM East.’ 

IM East is a campus fitness center about a mile away from Berkey Hall, where police first reported shots were fired. 

Students were sheltering in place.

An alert sent shortly after 8:30pm urges people to ‘run, hide, fight.’

‘Run means evacuate away from danger if you can do so safely, Hide means to secure-in-place, and Fight means protect yourself if no other option.’

A correspondent on the scene for Fox News 59 reported that people were being escorted from Berkey Hall, and they appeared to be bloody.

Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, tweeted: ‘I’ve been briefed on the shooting at Michigan State University. 

‘The Michigan State Police along with @MSUPolice, local law enforcement and first responders are on the ground. 

‘Let’s wrap our arms around the Spartan community tonight. 

‘We will keep everyone updated as we learn more.’