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Online Divorce in Idaho. How to File?

If you have decided to apply for divorce in the state of Idaho, online marriage dissolution can be considered the easiest and fastest way to achieve this goal. Besides, you can fill out the necessary divorce papers over the Internet to save time and money.

Keep reading to find out how you can terminate your marriage in Idaho with the help of online divorce providers.

General Information

Idaho has the shortest residency requirements in the country. To file for a divorce, you only need to be a legal resident of the state for six full weeks. At the same time, it is crucial to give the court a reason to grant the marriage dissolution.

When it comes to divorce laws and procedures, Idaho has a hybrid system. In other words, residents of this state have the opportunity to file for both fault-based or no-fault divorce. In a no-fault divorce, you only claim that the marriage is broken and can’t be repaired.

In a fault-based split, you will have to provide proof that your partner engaged in some misconduct that led to the dissolution of marriage. For example, it can be:

  • adultery
  • extreme cruelty
  • willful desertion
  • willful neglect
  • habitual drunkenness for more than twelve months
  • felony conviction
  • permanent insanity

Undoubtedly, a no-fault divorce is the simplest way to end your marriage, although there are cases when it is not the best option. Sometimes, your partner’s fault during the marriage can impact terms of marriage dissolution, such as child custody, property division, or spousal support.

Filling Out Divorce Papers

The first step in the process of getting a divorce is preparing appropriate documentation. Presently, you can find the whole list of divorce papers on the Idaho Judicial Branch website.

If case you don’t have children, you are required to fill out the following forms:

  • Family Law Case Information Sheet
  • Complaint about Divorce (Without Children)
  • Certificate of Divorce
  • Affidavit of Service
  • Summons

Couples with children should also fill out additional papers, such as:

  • Affidavit to Verify Income
  • Standard Custody Worksheet or Shared/ Split Custody Worksheet
  • Parenting Plan

The process of selecting and filling out marriage termination forms can be confusing and time-consuming, which is why many residents of Idaho prefer using services offered by online divorce companies.

Benefits of Online Divorce Providers

Considering that laws and regulations change regularly, online divorce forms preparation services are in great demand in Idaho. In fact, the majority of people cooperating with online divorce companies highlight that:

It is the most affordable way to get divorce forms prepared

Nowadays, the traditional dissolution of marriage requires a vast amount of financial resources.

For instance, filing for divorce in Idaho costs $154 (without minor children) or $207 (with minor children). In addition, if you want your documents to be completed by a divorce lawyer, they may charge around $200 per hour for their services in Idaho. Thus, average fees can vary around several thousand dollars.

If you cooperate with reputable online divorce companies, you will be able to get all your divorce papers prepared for no more than $139-$500.

It saves a lot of time

Typically, when filing for a divorce with the help of an attorney, you are confined by the lawyer’s busy schedule. If you use the services of online providers, you can receive completed papers in a matter of two business days. The only thing you should do is complete a questionnaire related to your marriage, children, and common property, which you can do at any convenient time.

Onlive divorce providers offer excellent customer service

People usually face a variety of questions when filing for divorce. It is quite common, as marriage dissolution is a life-changing event. To be aware of all the details related to this process, online divorce companies let you quickly contact a customer support representative.

Please, note that online divorce companies can only provide assistance for people going through an uncontested divorce. Otherwise, you will have to hire a lawyer to decide on the terms of a divorce.

Once all the appropriate documents are filled out, you should file them with the clerk in your district court along with the filing fee. Do not forget to make two copies of the documents to save for your records and serve your spouse.

How Long Does a Marriage Dissolution Take in Idaho?

Termination of the marriage can be granted a minimum of 20 days after the Complaint is filed. During this period, the other spouse (respondent) should file a response to the divorce complaint. If there are no disagreements between the partners, the split can be finalized when the mandatory waiting period expires.

In case you can’t reach a settlement agreement with your spouse, the divorce process can take up to several months or years. Additional court visits will be based on the idea of deciding on the terms of the marriage dissolution, including child custody, property division, and spousal support.

In Conclusion

The advancement of innovative technologies has simplified the process of marriage dissolution recently. As a result, people have the opportunity to initiate the process of divorce over the Internet. For example, if you live in Idaho, you can get your divorce papers completed online in a matter of 24-48 hours with the help of online providers.

However, if you fail to find a compromise with your spouse in terms of marriage termination, you will still have to ask for help from experienced lawyers.