Online gambling in India – a curious case of a country that will probably regulate gambling because of the high number of people who engage in this activity

With over one billion residents, it’s no surprise that India is a hub for gambling. However, despite the growing popularity of gambling activities, most of them are prohibited. But this may not be particularly true when it comes to online gambling because most legislation and laws refer to land-based casinos. Lately, the issue of regulating online gambling has been the subject of extensive debate, with gambling enthusiasts insisting that the local authorities should make gambling legal in all its forms.

If you want to understand better why online gambling is a curious case in India, keep reading because this article uncovers some fascinating facts about one of the most popular entertainment activities worldwide.

The history of gambling in India

The history of gambling in India isn’t very different from the one from other countries, but if you never looked for stories related to this subject, you may have no idea what we’re talking about. If you search throughout history, you’ll notice that the first mentions refer to kings who lost their kingdoms in games that implied luck, and queens lost their wealth to betting against odds. One such an example is Mahabharata’s battle, where Shakuni and Duryodhana planned a dice game against the Pandavas elder, and by using some tricks, they gained his wealth and kingdom. And because the elder wasn’t happy with the result and wanted to get his kingdom and treasures back, he gambled on his family, but sadly he also lost them to servitude.

And this isn’t the only story that recounts an episode involving gambling. In the Ramayana, which was written in 7300 BC, gambling boards and dice were described as activities the people of the time played to entertain themselves.

Because the activity was highly enjoyed by Indians, in the 15th century, the authorities legalised gambling houses. But as the British Empire took over the country in the 18th century, it outlawed them, and since then, the industry made little progress towards legalisation. At present, some forms of betting and gambling are accepted (especially if we’re talking about skill-based or sports betting). It’s reasonable to think that in a couple of years, all gambling activities will be legalised and the regulations updated so people to engage in all the games they like. But until they can step into a land-based casino, they can join an online website to play their favourite games.

There is no law to make online gambling illegal in India

Even if some gambling activities are illegal in India, no law stops people from betting on Indian horse racing in online casinos. Offshore gambling providers can use a loophole to address the Indian public. The Indian Premier League is present on their websites now, and some local agencies even match Indians with online casinos that can help them achieve their gambling goals. However, when accessing an online casino that provides services in India, people can bet on everything not only on IPL matches. All casinos that address the Indian public accept online betting accounts with Indian addresses and cater their content to match their preferences.

Due to the local regulations, no casino operates in India, but many offshore operators open up their games to Indian players and even accept the Indian Rupee as a valid currency.

Tips to play at an online casino in India

It’s easier to gamble in an online casino and achieve a return on your bankroll. By playing online games, you can contribute to the market that is estimated to worth $150 billion. Here are some guidelines on how to gamble online if you live in India.

Choose you game

You should adopt an investor mindset when you engage in gambling activities because you need to identify the best way to use your money. It’s preferable to focus on playing one or two games when you first enter the gambling market rather than spreading your funds across multiple games. This strategy allows you to understand the associated practices and rules and makes it easier to develop a tactic that allows you to manage your gambling activities seamlessly over a longer period.

Bankroll management is of crucial importance

It’s advisable to play only a couple of gambling games because it allows you to easily manage and deploy your bankroll, especially if you make a small deposit. Effective bankroll management is essential for successful gambling because it’s challenging to enjoy extended periods of gameplay when you have no funds. You should set an initial bankroll that is within your budget, and you should never spend more than you can afford to lose.

Create a gambling strategy

After you make a deposit, you should research the market to determine what strategy works best when you play a specific game. Your strategy should allow you to stake a consistent amount for every game you play. You can build on this betting strategy and create a more progressive tactic over time that can develop and grow together with your account. When you use a progression betting strategy, you can grow your wager with every bet you make and achieve a win.

Take advantage of bonuses

All online casinos offer bonuses that allow you to grow your chances at a win. The gambling industry is quite competitive worldwide, and it inspired casino operators to create lucrative rewards that offer free spins, deposit bonuses, and other benefits. You should compare the welcome bonuses different operators have to make an informed decision based on your finances, risk appetite, and bankroll.

Before you register with a gambling operator to get their bonuses, remember to check their requirements because all have terms and conditions for their rewards. Also, you should review the entire pallet of services the online casino offers before you play their games to make sure that they’ll provide you with the experience you expect.

Here is a short introduction to what the Indian online casino market can provide you with. Are you ready to entertain yourself with some interesting and fun games?