Online Web Design Certificate Programs

Web design is a highly competitive field. Although you might have taken several online courses, finding a job might prove to be quite problematic. Even if you have the skills to prove that you deserve the job, not having a proper certificate corresponding to your skillset might bring up some credibility issues.

Given that some of these online courses cost their students thousands of dollars, it’s better to learn with an institution that is known, respected, and can provide you a legitimate certificate upon the successful completion of the course. Sometimes even your SEO Jacksonville FL clients will want to see that you know what you are doing. Producing a proper certificate goes a long way to place people’s minds at rest about someone being a quack.

As such, if you need to get a design certificate after your course is over, you had better take up any of the below courses recommended by a Gainesville SEO company. It’s also crucial to note that these courses aren’t just for beginners. Intermediate learners and experts are also encouraged to take up these courses. They include:

  1. Coursera’s web designing certification provided by the University of Michigan

Anyone who wants to create a stunning professional looking website can benefit immensely from the accreditation of the University of Michigan. Presented on Coursera, it provides everyone willing to go through a tough course with an appropriate parting gift that can then help them to secure a well-paying job.

In this course, you can learn about HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and creating highly responsive websites. You can enhance your skills with readings, quizzes, and videos. The course takes three months to complete and is entirely free to enroll.

  1. EdX’s Web programming courses provided by Harvard University

Web design is often a blend of art and coding. Without the artistic feel to web design, we can be sure of some very awful plans. However, thankfully there is a design course that can help you achieve your dreams of being a certified web designer. This course helps someone gain a better understanding of HTML 5 and CSS fundamentals with respect to front end coding.

As for the back end, there is Python and JavaScript, which will assist you in building real-world projects so that when you pass, you will get not only a certificate, but also fully functional real-world projects to show off to your prospective employers.

Since Harvard University provides this certification, it should open up new doors for you. The course takes six months to complete and costs $215 for the entire program.

  1. PluralSight’s Learn Web Design Classes

This is yet another popular course that rewards those who complete it well with proper certification. Anyone who is looking forward to a decent career in web designing should take the time to go through this course.

Apart from having 9 CSS courses, it helps professionals learn to use Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver, and other software used to make a visually appealing page. This way, if you are contemplating setting up an SEO business in Jacksonville FL, then this course should provide you with more than enough skills to get things done and advance your career

  1. Coursera’s Responsive Web Design facilitated by University of London

If your objective is to create highly responsive, interactive, and professional websites, then this is one of the best courses you can take. After the session is through, you will take home some valuable skills in responsive web design, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The entire course takes about 17 hours to finish and very flexible deadlines. Since the whole class is online, you are expected to complete one web design assignment, which typically takes an hour and a programming assignment, which also takes another hour. Furthermore, you can also expect a couple of 20-minute quizzes, which will determine whether or not you pass and receive the certificate.

Reasons to earn a web design certificate

Gaining a professional certificate for web design from a well-known college has its merits. They include:

  • More competitive on the global market

Proper certifications place you worlds ahead of the competition. Since many hiring managers are used to receiving many qualified people looking for one position, having the certification that no one else does can prove to be a valuable asset.

  • Continuous learning is essential in today’s corporate world

To remain relevant in today’s ever-changing world, you need to add to your knowledge continually. Employers value people who invest in their education and perfect their skill sets.

“Once you get your certificates, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get more opportunities at your place of work or even get a raise,” says the Gainesville SEO company. Since demand shifts quite rapidly, keeping your skill sets sharp and ready can have a significant impact on how you also get promoted at work.


Although these certifications aren’t for free, they provide the owners with distinct advantages in the marketplace over their peers. This makes them a valued investment for anyone who is looking to further their careers or even take their SEO Jacksonville FL business to a new level.