O´Sullivan threatens to skip World Championship

Ronnie O’Sullivan has suggested he may miss next year’s World Championship in order to film a television show.

A five-time winner of the event, O’Sullivan remains snooker’s biggest draw and, despite his advancing years – he turned 42 earlier this month – is still one of the sport’s leading players.

A scintillating six-week period across November and December saw him win three ranking titles – including a sixth UK Championship crown – and he would likely to go to Sheffield in April as the favourite to win a sixth world title.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is a five-time world champion

However, in a question and answer session on Twitter, O’Sullivan – no stranger to statements which whip up a frenzy – suggested filming a second series of his show ‘Hustle’, in which he travels the world playing pool, may take precedence.

“Filming it in May,” he said, when asked by a fan when he would be taking the show to Australia.

The World Championship runs from April 21 to May 7, so O’Sullivan may well be both telling the truth and enjoying making mischief at the same time, but when directly asked if he would miss the Worlds, he said: “I might do. Crucible goes on too long and it’s my least fav event of all.. plus I’ve got plenty ranking points so no need to play as much.”

He went on to add: “Why not. Making Hustle is a right laugh crucible is boring plus I’ve ticked that box 5X.”

O’Sullivan is two behind Stephen Hendry’s record seven world titles and when it was put to him he may wish to challenge that, he said: “Don’t matter mate.. who cares.. On my tomb stone it will say 5 worlds 8 worlds.. SO WHAT.. It’s what you experience while on this planet that counts.”

O’Sullivan, regarded by many – including Hendry – as the greatest player of all time, has played sparingly over recent years, combining snooker with off-table activities such as television work and writing novels.

He has already suggested he may not defend his UK crown in York next December, saying he would “one million per cent” accept an invite to take part in ‘I’m a Celebrity’ in the Australian jungle which clashes with the tournament.

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