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Owner reunited with her cat seven years after it went missing

‘I called his name and he turned. I knew it was him’: Owner’s purr-fect reunion with cat SEVEN YEARS after it went missing when she moved house

  • After spending seven years on the streets a cat has been returned to its home
  • Was dropped off to vet by anonymous couple and its microchip then scanned
  • Owner had been endlessly searching and about to give up before she got call

Julie Brown spent a heartbreaking seven years searching for her lost cat who ran away while she was moving house in 2011.

After endlessly dropping flyers, door knocking and driving around the streets the Sydney woman received the call that she was waiting for just last week.

Ms Brown was ecstatic as she spoke to Sunrise, revealing the moment she got a call from the local vet telling her that they had her missing cat, named Jay.

‘After such a long, long time – I thought it was just not possible,’ she said.

An anonymous couple handed Jay in just last week and thanks to today’s technology all it took was a quick scan of his microchip and Julie was on her way to collect him.

Julie said that while she was nervous at first as soon as she picked him up it was as if he had never left.

The adorable cat was handed into a local by an anonymous couple and thanks to microchip technology was scanned and quickly returned to his owner

‘I didn’t know how’d he react to me but I just put my hand out and started crying – again,’ she said.

‘I absolutely knew it was him straight away, I called his name and he turned. I knew it was him, he remembered. That was it,’ she gushed. 

When asked where she thought he had been all these years, Ms Brown said: ‘I have no idea, I wish we had a GoPro on him so we could see the story.’

‘Due to his personality I think he would have most likely been somewhere for a while and something went wrong.’

Julie Brown doesn't know where he had been all these years but said 'it's just wonderful to have him home'

Julie Brown doesn’t know where he had been all these years but said ‘it’s just wonderful to have him home’

While she said he was a little ‘worse for wear’ when she picked him up and that she was sure the vet would have thought he was feral he was ‘very much loved and missed and it’s just wonderful to have him back home’.   

‘He’s a happy boy, he knows he’s home.’




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