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Express Digest | News & Magazine - Part 21754
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Brigitte Macron commands attention dress in Salzburg

Her husband may be touching down in Salzburg to help reinvigorate European Union unity but it was his 64-year-old wife who commanded all the attention on day on... read more

Rotterdam police cancel rock gig after ‘terror threat’

Allah-Las were due to perform at Maassilo venue in Rotterdam on Wednesday But the California band were forced to call off the concert after a ‘terror thre... read more

Hilarious ways that school textbooks were vandalised

Staring at textbooks at school is not the most stimulating, however, these students were determined to brighten up their study periods. A hilarious set of photo... read more

Tesco revealed as store that ‘sold Hepatitis E sausages’

The supermarket that might have unintentionally sold sausages infected with hepatitis has now been identified as Tesco. It followed a study which found some peo... read more

Michigan mom stole $200k from kids in life insurance

A mother of two in Michigan has admitted to embezzling money from her daughters in funds they received from their father’s life insurance after he died in... read more

Democrat aide charged with fraud in hacking probe pictured

This is the Capitol Hill IT aide suspected of stealing congressional data – pictured at home for the first time since he was arrested on bank fraud charge... read more

Woman snatches foul ball away from Chicago White Sox fan

During the second inning of the White Sox vs Minnesota Twins game on Monday, a player hit a foul ball that landed in the stands A White Sox fan and a woman both... read more

Panera to start listing the amount of sugar in its drinks

Panera Bread will launch new cups that display the amount of added sugar and number of calories in seven of its drinks. The move is the latest by the company to... read more

Blue whale calls have gradually been lowering in frequency

For the past two decades, researchers have documented a gradual lowering of the frequency of blue whale calls and they haven’t been sure why.  But a new ... read more

TV builder from C4 game show ‘assaulted police officers’

Huntley Thawe, 48, was arguing with Anna Thawe, 41, in front of his kids when he had to be restrained by three officers armed with batons in Worcestershire, JPs... read more

H.L. Hunley submarine crew were killed by their own weapon

The first combat submarine to sink an enemy ship also instantly killed its own eight-man crew with the powerful explosive torpedo it carried, new research has f... read more

Steubenville rapist dad shot judge after night of drinking

The father of the Steubenville rapist killed after shooting a judge had been drinking all night before he opened fire over a grudge he held in error, DailyMail.... read more

Prince George’s £20,000-a-year prep gets rave reviews

With Prince George about to start ‘big’ school in just a fortnight, his new private prep has been described as ‘competitive, oversubscribed’ and for ‘... read more

Milwaukee student is caught punching his teacher in class

Student, 16, was filmed lunging at his teacher at South Division High on Tuesday The teenager was caught punching his teacher in the head several times Police s... read more

Indiana basketball player kills himself after tweeting

Tragic loss: Ball State University basketball player Zach Hollywood committed suicide in an off-campus apartment Tuesday A 19-year-old basketball player at B... read more

Morning Consult/Politico poll shows Trump at all-time low

The latest Morning Consult/Politico poll has President Trump at an all-time low for that particular survey, with only 39 percent approval post-Charlottesville.... read more

Charlie Hebdo publishes another anti-Islam front cover

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has published a provocative front-page cartoon about Islam and the recent terror attacks in Spain which has led to criti... read more

Two rats help care for orphaned kittens at Brooklyn café 

Rat and cats aren’t famous for their friendship, but a New York café is challenging that stereotype. The Brooklyn Cat Café on Atlantic Avenue has recrui... read more

US wife of Barcelona victim seeks last person who saw him

The wife of the American man killed in last week’s Barcelona terror attack is trying to find a waiter who may have been the last person to see her husband... read more

Connecticut nanny accused of burning kids gets 15 years

A Connecticut nanny accused of burning a 3-year-old’s hand and leg on a hot stove, swinging her by her hair and trapping her inside a toy chest has been s... read more

Growing number of Chinese army applicants too fat to join

In one city in China, 57 per cent of try-outs were rejected on grounds of fitness  One in five said to be too fat, while 8 per cent had overly large testicular... read more

Songs with chord changes light up brain’s reward centre

Record bosses have spent millions trying to create the perfect pop song. They find heart-throb singers who will set teenagers’ hearts aflutter, employ tea... read more

Heidi Klum says Simon Cowell ‘deserved’ Mel B attack

Mel B threw a cup of water on Simon Cowell during America’s Got Talent on Tuesday and walked off the stage after he cracked a crude joke at her expense. ... read more

Calf born with fifth leg brings good luck to India

A calf born with a fifth leg is causing quite the stir in villages in northern India The mutant dairy calf is viewed as a rare animal, expected to bring good lu... read more