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4,000 British jobs are put at threat as US imposes tariff

One of Northern Ireland’s largest employers faces paying a huge tariff on its exports of planes to the US after losing the first stage of an international... read more

David Attenborough: Brexit voters spat in Europe’s face

Sir David Attenborough has attacked Brexiteers, claiming that they ‘spat’ in the faces of Europeans and ‘didn’t know what they were voting for&#... read more

Toilet paper firm accused of plundering ancient forest

A luxury toilet paper brand has been accused of damaging protected forest land to make its products. Essity is the company which makes quilted and triple layer ... read more

Dog screamed at and ‘kicked’ over gay marriage bandanna

A dog was screamed at and almost kicked in Melbourne after a man took offence to the canine wearing an ‘Equality’ bandanna (stock image) A dog weari... read more

Bill Russell tweets photo of himself as he ‘takes a knee’

Bill Russell, one of the all-time greats of professional basketball, took a knee Monday in a gesture of solidarity with athletes protesting social injustice whi... read more

‘Job fix’ police chief Naveed Malik keeps his job

Assistant Chief Constable Naveed Malik, 47, is set to keep his £120,816-a-year job after admitting gross misconduct On of Britain’s highest ranking Asian... read more

Third of 16 to 22-year olds say they are gay or bisexual 

Only two-thirds of young people describe themselves as heterosexual, a survey reveals. The remaining third of those aged 16 to 22 say they are attracted to thos... read more

Jeremy Corbyn under fire following claims of anti-Semitism

Equality watchdog has called on Corbyn to ‘root out’ racists within Labour  Tom Watson has pledged an investigation into anti-Semitic incidents Ken... read more

Paralympian Joany Badenhorst becomes snowboarding champion

A young woman who lost her leg has defied the odds to become a snowboarding champion at the age of 23. Australian Paralympian Joany Badenhorst was just 10 years... read more

Cindy Crawford enjoys low-key dinner with family in Paris

Her daughter Kaia Gerber has been storming the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week and making quite the impression. And so Cindy Crawford and the rest of her brood d... read more

Woman goes viral dancing night away in Charlotte airport

Mahshid Mazooji was stranded overnight at Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport She ‘didn’t want to sit in anger’ all night long and so instead decid... read more

Jeremy Corbyn calls for new robot tax on firms

Jeremy Corbyn will today hint at fresh taxes on firms that replace people with robots as he calls for a ‘new settlement between work and leisure’. T... read more

Epilepsy drug risk hidden for 40 years harming thousands

The risks of pregnant women taking a common epilepsy drug were kept from patients for 40 years, a hearing was told. An estimated 20,000 British children have be... read more

Obama says dropping Malia at college was ‘like surgery’

He made a swift exit after dropping her off at her Harvard dorm last month, covering his face with sunglasses as he quickly hopped in to a waiting SUV. And on M... read more

Danger as we take out £15m a day on high-interest cards

Borrowers withdrew more than £15million in cash a day on their credit cards last month – fuelling fears that Britain is in the grip of a dangerous debt binge... read more

Prince Harry looks overcome with emotion at Invictus Games

Golf might not seem like the most riveting of spectator sports to some – but Prince Harry more than proved them wrong on Tuesday, putting on an incredibly... read more

Teen trapped in Brooklyn turnstile trying to avoid paying

A teen tried to to climb over the vertical turnstile at the Court Street-Borough Hall station in Brooklyn, New York, on Tuesday morning when he got stuck The tr... read more

Video shows Sean Hannity puff an e-cig in between clips 

An inside look at what Fox host Sean Hannity does between clips revealed that he likes to take a puff of an electric cigarette The video ends with Hannity stari... read more

BBC: We’ll pay women stars on a par with men

The BBC is preparing to significantly increase its wage bill after reassuring female stars their salaries are ‘largely in line’ with those of their male cou... read more

Death of transgender teen in Missouri surrounded in mystery

HOUSTON, Mo. (AP) – Even as authorities in rural southern Missouri dismiss the possibility that a transgender teenager’s death was a hate crime, que... read more

Quentin Letts on a fiery day at the Labour conference

Another fiery day in Corbynism’s furnace where we are smelting and quenching, tempering a New Babylon.  This is not socialism. It is more febrile than th... read more

Weight loss of Australian Survivor contestants

They spend up to 55 days on a remote Samoan beach in hopes of winning the $500,000 prize money. From sleep deprivation, constant hunger and physically and menta... read more

The Block’s formen Keith and Dan SLAM ‘annoying’ Jason

On The Block this week, Jason had a huge argument with foreman Keith and Dan, after they said he wasn’t giving the show a good ‘crack.’ And on... read more

Rat cracks open coconuts with its teeth in South Pacific

If you’re scared of rats, you may want to look away now. For scientists have identified one of the largest species in the world – and it can crack open ... read more