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TV drama asks why Brits hate so much they run to ISIS

The Islamic State group wasted absolutely no time in boasting of its ‘triumph’ on Thursday evening. With the dead, the dying and injured still scatt... read more

Woman, 82, refuses to budge in her home war with developer

There’s a new twist in a standoff between an 82-year-old widow in Florida who refused to sell her townhome and the giant developer that constructed a time... read more

Man arrested in Sydney’s Waterloo after a fight

 A man has been caught on camera scaling apartment block In inner Sydney  The man, 25, was filmed scuffling with police before being arrested  Police had to ... read more

Couple finally call in bomb squad to dispose of cannonball

Steve Attfield discovered the 200-year-old cannonball on holiday in France He drove the relic 400 miles to his home in Croydon, Surrey, in his car   Twenty yea... read more

BEL MOONEY: All I want is someone to love

Every person has certain qualities … in their heart which are awkward, disturbing, negative. One of your sacred duties is to exercise kindness towards them. F... read more

Prince Charles loses right-hand man after other departures

Mark Leishman was made a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order by the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace in 2010 What on earth is going on behind the scenes... read more

Britain is still the teen motherhood capital of Europe

Britain has kept its place as the teenage motherhood capital of Europe despite plunging rates of pregnancy among young women. The country’s unenviable reputa... read more

Delta Goodrem’s ex boyfriend Drew Mitchell on split

The ex Wallaby rugby union player broke up with singer Delta Goodrem last December. And on Saturday, Drew Mitchell broke his silence regarding his brief romanc... read more

UN warning over Spain migrant emergency

With boats arriving daily, the number of people crossing the western Mediterranean to reach its shores has more than trebled this year. Pictured: Migrants in Ta... read more

Jihadi propaganda is still available to view on Wikipedia

Jihadi propaganda describing how to launch a van attack was still available on Wikipedia last night – as it became the latest internet giant to be accused of ... read more

Oxford Uni says perfect party needs guests coming in fours

Oxford University study has found that four – or a multiple of four – is ideal figure The researchers also recommend steering the conversation towards old t... read more

Ahimsa cows are the ‘happiest cows’ in the world

Deep in the lush Rutland hills, amid swooping swallows, clouds of butterflies, clumps of thistles, plump glossy blackberries and majestic oak trees, 25 cows mun... read more

Lloyds pushes £60k car loans without any credit checks

Banks have become embroiled in the row over reckless car loans after mass-mailing customers to convince them to buy luxury vehicles. Customers of Lloyds Bankin... read more

LGA says drivers spend 5 days a year stuck in traffic

The Local Government Association found traffic costs each of us £968 a year It is calling for local authorities to be given long-term funding to tackle problem... read more

Sir Bruce Forsyth’s best moments on screen

Sir Bruce Forsyth, 89, has died peacefully at home with his family around him The veteran TV presenter holds a World Record for the longest television career He... read more

Conservationist shot dead by poachers in Tanzania

Wayne Lotter, pictured, had dedicated his life to saving elephants. He put at least 300 poachers behind bars A conservationist who was the scourge of elephant p... read more

Tesco slammed for selling £5 tubs of Christmas chocolate

£5 Christmas boxes have been spotted piled high in supermarkets across Britain Mother-of-two Rose O’Keefe, 34, took photo of Mini Heroes tubs at local st... read more

Swansea Bionic Boy can finally use a knife and fork

Alan Gifford, from Swansea, is thought to have become the youngest in the world to have two prosthetic hands Riding a bike and eating with a knife and fork may ... read more

Fatcats whose perks are worth £11million a year

The bosses of Britain’s biggest firms are being handed millions of pounds in perks to allow them to pay for school fees, move house, and even use private jets... read more

Photographer captures the beauty of rescued exotic animals

A photographer has paid a breathtaking tribute to exotic animals rescued from the black market or formerly kept as pets clandestinely. Natasha Wilson, based in ... read more

Mum-of-two broke her jaw in Tough Mudder race

When gym enthusiast Carrie Price signed up for a five-mile endurance race she expected a few bumps and bruises along the way When gym enthusiast Carrie Price si... read more

Bruce Forsyth entertained the country with one liners

Sir Bruce Forsyth graced television screens around the country for more than five decades and was famous for his catchphrases. With his witty asides, his cheeky... read more

Photo of Julan Cadman who went missing Barcelona attack

Families are still desperately searching for loved ones after a van ploughed into crowds on the Los Ramblas mall with seven-year-old Julian Cadman among those m... read more

Fossilized remains of a giant SLOTH unearthed in Mexico

Mexican scientists said Wednesday they have discovered the fossilized remains of a previously unknown species of giant sloth that lived 10,000 years ago and die... read more