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‘Twin Peaks’ actor arraigned on attempted murder charges

An actor who guest starred on an episode of ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ was arraigned at a Spokane courthouse on Friday, accused of trying to kill his ... read more

Ex-Vanderbilt football player sentenced to 15 years

Brandon Banks, 23, was sentenced to 15 years for his part in the 2013 dorm room gang rape Former Vanderbilt football player Brandon Banks was sentenced to at l... read more

Rock ‘n’ roll duke who plays in a band and inherited £315m

On the surface, at least, everything is just the same. He still has his rock band, membership of the boxing gym where he likes to work out and the Twitter accou... read more

‘Confederate’ NYC subway tiles to be altered

Yet another strangely-placed symbol of the Confederacy is being taken down in Yankee New York City.  On Friday, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) announ... read more

Bear cubs wrestle by a river bank as mummy bear watches

Two bear cubs wrestle on a river bank in what is believed to be a park in Alaska A mother is seen watching the cubs playfully paw at each other on a sunny day V... read more

Far-right activists clash with anti-facists in Barcelona

Members of the extreme Falange group congregated on Las Ramblas on Friday afternoon The organisation was met by a huge crowd of counter-protesters carrying flag... read more

Archaeologists uncover ancient trading network in Vietnam

Researchers have discovered a vast trading network which operated in Vietnam from around 4,500 years ago until 3,000 years ago.  A number of settlements along ... read more

No women of color in Forbes list of highest paid actresses

The absence of a single woman of color in Forbes’ list of this year’s ten highest paid actresses has reignited the debate on diversity in Hollywood.... read more

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton settle on joint custody

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton hashed out the details of their joint custody of seven-year-old son Julian Fuego Thicke just weeks before the singer announced his... read more

Lion King creators say Mufasa and Scar weren’t brothers

Since The Lion King first hit theaters 23 years ago, most people have understood that King Mufasa and his killer, Scar, are brothers. But according to the creat... read more

White House lawyer: Mueller probe over by Christmas

The White House lawyer brought in to deal with special counsel Robert Mueller´s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election said he believed the f... read more

Film shows Confederate Army vets bellow the ‘Rebel’s Yell’

For lovers of American history, the ‘Rebel’s Yell’ provides a fascinating glimpse into the past as it documented Confederate soldiers years af... read more

Little girl is convinced that Batman statue is her dad

A little girl at a Michigan shopping mall is convinced that Batman is her dad Video shows her pointing at a tall statue of the famous superhero yelling ‘d... read more

Boys don off-the-shoulder tops to protest dress code

A few boys at a southern California school proved themselves to be true feminists this week when they donned a peculiar clothing item to school.  This week, do... read more

Ivanka Trump accused of hypocrisy over Barcelona post

Ivanka Trump is facing scathing criticism for her tribute to the victims of the terror attack in Barcelona, as many are accusing the First Daughter of ignoring ... read more

Kim Kardashian and YouTuber Desi Perkins appear in video

Kim Kardashian West made headlines this week for her controversy surrounding vlogger Jeffree Star’s racist comments and her admission that she is trying f... read more

Utah University examines decision making in break ups

Knowing whether to leave a romantic relationship is often an agonising experience, and that ambivalence can have negative consequences for health and well-being... read more

C4’s Taxi Of Mum and Dad shows unfiltered conversations

Teenagers are not typically known to be the most communicative type – especially when it comes to conversing with their parents. But a new television prog... read more

Scientists discover water buffaloes covered in FROGS

At first glance, they seem an unlikely pair: the massive, horned water buffalo that grazes along the Black Sea coast, and the tiny marsh frog. After the acciden... read more

Maryland woman hits herself in the face with exercise band

Laura Becker, a fitness blogger from Maryland, smacked herself in the face with an exercise band She filmed the painful moment the band broke and ricocheted int... read more

Ohio couple uses a car wash as a laundry mat

Footage taken from inside a car shows a couple hosing down their clothes at a car wash in Ohio  They’re seen next to their car rinsing, hanging, and layi... read more

US girl replicates Zendaya outfit and gets dress-coded

A teenager who brilliantly replicated an outfit previously worn by Zendaya got dress-coded after school officials deemed her look too provocative. Hannah Whitle... read more

Google AI can easily erase watermarks from photos

Google created an AI that can easily remove the digital watermarks photographers put on their images to prevent unauthorized use. In a paper published online Th... read more

Woman jailed for putting Windex into office coffee maker

A Virginia woman was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison Tuesday for poisoning her coworkers with Windex-ridden coffee. In February, Mayda Edith Rivera Juarez, 3... read more