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Trump reveals NY terror suspect brought in 23 people

President Donald Trump said the suspect in the New York terror attack had been allowed to bring in 23 people as a ‘primary point of contact,’ as he ... read more

Protective moose charges at woman and her dog in Colorado 

Video shows the horrifying moment a moose charged at a woman walking a dog The moose was with her two calves and felt threatened by the woman Her neighbor captu... read more

‘Cocaine’ Cassie Sainsbury has plea deal accepted six year

Adelaide drug mule Cassie Sainsbury has been sentenced to six years behind bars in Colombia after a judge agreed to a plea deal. The 22-year-old was initially s... read more

Ministers DEFY Parliament’s demand for 58 reports

The Government tonight defied Parliament to refuse publication in full of 58 reports on the impact of Brexit on different sectors of the economy. Labour passed ... read more

Ivanka axes travel to China, South Korea, will leave Japan

Ivanka Trump is on her way to Tokyo to deliver a speech at the World Assembly for Women, a conference modeled off the prestigious economic summit that’s ... read more

Lorry trailer packed full of aerosols explodes on the M1

Traffic stopped dead on the M1 in Leicestershire as drivers witnessed the display  It is believed that the fire started when the driver slammed on his breaks a... read more

‘Horror’: 1 student from mangled bus hospitalized, 1 OK

By Associated Press Published: 19:24 GMT, 1 November 2017 | Updated: 19:25 GMT, 1 November 2017 NEW YORK (AP) – The photos and video of a mangled yellow s... read more

London woman sues dog walker over injuries after fall

Kay Benstead, 60, is suing her friend after she broke her arm and hip when her Alsatian pulled her to the ground  A 60-year-old woman who broke her hip and arm... read more

Air pollution linked to kidney, bladder and bowel cancer

Air pollution has been linked to kidney and bladder cancer, showing toxic particles may cause harm beyond the lungs. A ground-breaking study has found microscop... read more

Hornets escort Russian bombers away from USS Ronald Reagan

A pair of US Navy fighter jets were scrambled on Sunday to escort two Russian bombers that approached the USS Ronald Reagan in the Sea of Japan. As CNN first re... read more

Vermont woman gets prison in vodka death of disabled child

Melissa Robitille, 41, has been sentenced to four to 12 years in prison for manslaughter following the alcohol poisoning death of her disabled son A Vermont mot... read more

FDA warns against marijuana ‘cancer cures’

The FDA is cracking down on marijuana products marketed as cancer cures.  The agency has sent a letter to four companies, slamming their unsubstantiated promis... read more

OJ Simpson dresses in old football gear for Halloween 

OJ Simpson proved to be a real treat on Tuesday night as he celebrated Halloween by handing out candy, photos and even autographs to neighbors in his Las Vegas ... read more

Putting live yogurt on vagina to treat thrush doesn’t help

Women have long been told to dab a little live yogurt on their vagina to treat a yeast infection.  Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina and... read more

Lawmakers release Russia-linked Facebook ads

By Associated Press Published: 16:40 GMT, 1 November 2017 | Updated: 19:06 GMT, 1 November 2017 WASHINGTON (AP) – Lawmakers on Wednesday released a trove ... read more

Saipov’s neighbor saw him drive truck rental weeks before

The neighbor of the 29-year-old terrorist who killed eight and injured 12 in lower Manhattan on Halloween has revealed he saw the suspect and his two male frien... read more

Mormon Marriott heir sues dad for blocking him from trust

A Mormon heir to the Marriott hotel empire is suing his father for forcing him out of the family’s $3 billion trust because he got a divorce. John Marriot... read more

Ministers refuse to publish Brexit impact papers amid Commons confusion

By Press Association Published: 18:59 GMT, 1 November 2017 | Updated: 18:59 GMT, 1 November 2017 Ministers are standing firm on their refusal to release the ful... read more

Besiktas 1-1 Monaco: 2017 semi-finalists on brink of exit

Last season Monaco were the neutral’s darling in the Champions League, a young and fearless attacking force who fired their way from the qualifiers to the... read more

World Bank say UK is better than Germany for business

Britain is one of the best countries in the world in which to do business, according to a report by a leading global watchdog. The UK was ranked seventh in the ... read more

Middlesbrough man on drugs jailed for attacking girlfriend

Samuel Farley was jailed for 12 years and six months at Teesside Crown Court An engineer who became psychotic on drugs battered his 19-year-old girlfriend so s... read more

Reese Witherspoon sunbathes and flashes leg in Hollywood

She’s been expanding her empire after becoming one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.   And Reese Witherspoon is ‘over’ hiding her ambition a... read more

Rose McGowan leaves NYC hotel wearing eye-mask

She’s had a warrant issued for her arrest in connection with small bags of cocaine left on an airplane in Washington, DC. But Rose McGowan was out and ab... read more

Tory MP says PM’s deputy Damian Green should be suspended

Damian Green was tonight preparing to release his text messages to an inquiry probing claims he made an inappropriate pass at a Tory activist. The Prime Ministe... read more