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Premature baby born during Irma found dead in mothers car 

The body of a boy born prematurely during Hurricane Irma was found days later in his mother’s car The mother, who is in her mid-20s, likely gave birth Sunday,... read more

Angela McQueen named as teacher who stopped student-gunman

Police said that Angela McQueen (pictured) tackled a student-gunman on Wednesday Authorities on Thursday reveled the identity of a courageous teacher who stopp... read more

Pope admits church realized sex abuse problem ‘a bit late’

Pope Francis on Thursday acknowledged the Catholic Church was “a bit late” in realising the damage done by priests who rape and molest children, and... read more

Audrina Patridge files for divorce from Corey Bohan

Audrina Patridge is divorcing her husband Corey Bohan, 35, a professional BMX dirt bike rider. The Hills vet, 32, has taken out a restraining order on him after... read more

Pennsylvania wild deer whacks a man’s hand with its hoof

A video shows a young deer in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, in a man’s yard The man feeds the deer a piece of bread which it happily eats before coming ba... read more

1,000-year-old Viking boat grave unearthed in Norway

A 1,000-year-old Viking boat grave measuring more than 13 feet (4 metres) has been unearthed in Norway with bones and sheet bronze still inside. The tomb was fo... read more

Iconic photographer reveals vintage photos of Donald Trump

He snapped a windblown Jackie O on Madison Avenue and captured in that moment the most mesmerizing image of the icon. He responded to a sucker punch from Marlon... read more

UPDATE 2-Russia says will target U.S.-backed fighters in Syria if provoked

By Reuters Published: 15:00 BST, 21 September 2017 | Updated: 20:55 BST, 21 September 2017 By Andrew Osborn and Phil Stewart MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, Sept 21 (Reuters... read more

Fears rise as killer quakes hit the Pacific ‘Ring Of Fire’

In the span of just 24 hours this week, a series of powerful earthquakes rocked several locations along the Pacific one by one this week, all in a seismic regio... read more

Illinois teen steals bulldozer and crushes a cop car

Dash cam video shows the bulldozer reversing over a cop car as a police officer runs away just in time to not get crushed Austin White, 18, was arrested for all... read more

Brigham Young University ends caffeinated soda sales ban

Brigham Young University ended a six-decade ban on the sale of caffeinated soft drinks on campus on Thursday. Students were surprised when the university’... read more

Remains of shipwreck reappears on North Carolina beach

A cargo ship that sunk over a century ago has suddenly reappeared following a recent spate of heavy winds blowing through North Carolina following Hurricane Jos... read more

NASA reveals the final images Cassini took

A week after its dramatic ‘death dive’ into Saturn’s atmosphere, NASA has released Cassini’s final images, revealing stunning last looks at the ringed p... read more

Man livestreams threats to ‘rival gang’ after he was shot

A man, who was shot in the neck, livestreamed threats to his attackers as blood gushed from his wound.  The man was driving with a woman, who was heard crying ... read more

Tom Brady boasts he’s too hydrated to get sunburned

The description of Tom Brady’s new book claims, ‘The TB12 Method is the only book an athlete will ever need, a playbook from Brady himself that will... read more

Pilar Sanders breaks silence on divorce from Deion Sanders

Pilar Sanders has broken her silence to speak for the first time about her marriage and acrimonious divorce from former Hall of Famer, NFL star Deion Sanders, 5... read more

Maine woman would go to jail before removing Trump signs

Susan Reitman of Rockland, Maine, has two signs on her front gate that read ‘I Love Trump’ and ‘He Won, Get Over It’  A code enforcemen... read more

Wenger denies making example of Arsenal forward Sanchez

By Press Association Published: 12:10 BST, 21 September 2017 | Updated: 20:31 BST, 21 September 2017 Arsene Wenger insists there is no ulterior motive to starti... read more

FTC crack down on sponsored posts on Facebook and YouTube

The FTC made the statements during a Twitter Q&A about promotional material A user asked if the ‘includes paid promotion’ mark on YouTube videos... read more

Impatient driver overtakes van and almost hits road worker

Stu McGregor shared the dash cam footage online which he captured Tuesday  He was driving on Westcraigs Road, Harthill, Scotland at the time The impatient driv... read more

‘White Allies Only’ rally set to take place in St. Louis

Another protest is planned for Thursday evening in St. Louis, but this time, the demonstrators are expected to be largely white. Organizers have called a ‘... read more

Funny mating dance of endangered bird species in Patagonia

Hooded Grebe only has 400 breeding pairs in the wild endangering the species Video footage has emerged of the birds performing a spectacular mating dance The bi... read more

Jennifer Aniston transforms into a mom on set of Dumplin’

She is best known for her role as Rachel Green in the 90s sitcom Friends. And Jennifer Aniston proved she hasn’t aged a day as she got to work on the set ... read more

Japan’s emoji creator hoped to end confusion in messages

The tiny smiley faces, hearts, knife-and-fork or clenched fist have become a global language for mobile phone messages, changing the way we communicate. They ar... read more