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Saudi invests $1bn in Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic

Saudi Arabia has announced $1billion in funding for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space tourism company. The investment was unveiled at a business sum... read more

British woman, 34, abused a drugged young girl

Paedophile Kori Ellis, 42, was the key witness against Sarah Gotham,(pictured in 2014) 34, who was found guilty of six charges of sexual assault of a child unde... read more

FBI: No foreign terror links in Florida mall bomb plot

By Associated Press Published: 18:19 BST, 26 October 2017 | Updated: 19:24 BST, 26 October 2017 MIAMI (AP) – No evidence has surfaced of links to foreign ... read more

Eugenie Bouchard makes the most of holiday in Ireland

Eugenie Bouchard has travelled the world as a professional tennis player but one place that isn’t as familiar to her despite having family there is Irelan... read more

RBS pays out £33.4 million to settle US fraud claims linked to mortgage-backed securities

By Press Association Published: 19:23 BST, 26 October 2017 | Updated: 19:23 BST, 26 October 2017 The Royal Bank of Scotland has paid out $44 million (£33.4 mil... read more

Mothers describe giving labor during Hurricane Sandy

The mothers who delivered babies at a powerless hospital during Hurricane Sandy now associate the devastating storm with one of the happiest days of their lives... read more

Ohio can require people with HIV to tell sex partners

The Ohio Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the constitutionality of a law requiring HIV-infected individuals to tell sexual partners of their status before havin... read more

Paris Hilton models red heart top with Chris Zylka in LA

Paris Hilton is in love and she seems to want the world to know it. When waking through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday the 36-year-old DJ modeled a red... read more

Mary J. Blige is slapped with lien for unpaid taxes

Uncle Sam is coming after Mary J. Blige as DailyMailTV has learned the singer has been slapped with a lien after failing to pay $1.76 million in taxes. And this... read more

Iowa couple charged in death of infant found rotting

An Iowa couple have been charged with murder in the death of their four-month-old son, whose rotting corpse was found in a baby swing in the family’s home... read more

Council advertise Halloween party for the unemployed only

Hull City Council has been accused of discriminating against employed people It invited ‘unemployed parents and their children’ to a free Halloween ... read more

Wasserman Schultz doesn’t know ‘anything’ about dossier

Former Democratic National Committee chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is saying she was unaware how the dirty dossier on Donald Trump was produced even thoug... read more

Pensioner tries to kick man off the bus in Kazakhstan

Footage shows a pensioner confronting the young man sitting in a priority seat  She orders him to get off the bus before pushing him and kicking him in the leg... read more

Tortoises mate in front of visitors at San Diego zoo

A pair of giant tortoises surprised San Diego Zoo visitors by publicly mating One unintentional voyeur took a video of the male tortoise mounting the female The... read more

Burundi government backs disputed constitution change

The presidency of Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza, pictured with his wife, could be extended by 14 years following approved changes to the constitution The go... read more

Raccoon-sized dino with ‘bandit mask’ amazes scientists

Scientists have reconstructed the color patterning of a small, feather-clad dinosaur that roamed China 130 million years ago – and, they say it shared a disti... read more

Football player, 9, is kicked off team for racist slur

A nine-year-old peewee football player has been kicked off of his team for calling an opponent a n***** during a game.  The racist slur was used by a player fo... read more

Welsh alternative therapist ‘sexually assaulted patients’

Brian Williams, 69, handed photo album of newborn babies to the judge in court Book allegedly contained photographs and tributes from families he had helped Wil... read more

My ‘tender’ sex with Charles Manson, by former follower

A former Charles Manson follower who slept with the notorious cult murderer when she was just 14 has described their ‘tender’ sex in graphic detail.... read more

Carson Daly returns to Today show after stepfather’s death

Carson Daly returned to the Today show on Thursday, just two days after his ‘pops’ Richard Caruso died of bone cancer. The 44-year-old host, whose m... read more

Student has been left paralysed from a blood clot

A blood clot caused a 17-year-old student to collapse just moments before taking her exam. Mia Campbell, from Sunderland, has been left paralysed and with a con... read more

911 call placed by Sherri Papini’s husband released

Harrowing audio has been released of Sherri Papini’s husband’s 911 call when he realized she had been kidnapped.  Keith Papini had just returned to... read more

Anna Wintour makes thinly-veiled dig at Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been banned from the Met Gala, with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (who personally vets each attendee of the glitzy soiree) swearing on tel... read more

KCL students bring in £12-per-hour ‘safe space marshals’

King’s College Students’ Union pays for marshals to attend events thought to present a potential ‘safe space breach’, which included a t... read more