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Mystery as euros are flushed down the toilet in Geneva

Swiss prosecutors have now waded in to figure out why the notes were trashed The €500 bills were said to have been flushed down a toilet near the bank’... read more

Forget cash – how sex and sleep are the key to happiness

Sleeping soundly and having a good sex life have a greater impact on wellbeing than money, it is claimed today. Strong relationships with family and friends, jo... read more

How Tom Ray survived after he has ravaged by killer sepsis

Every year sepsis claims the lives of thousands of Britons, while many others are left with truly devastating injuries.  Much of this suffering is needless, as... read more

Government investigators wiretapped Manafort | Daily Mail Online

Government investigators wire-tapped  Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in the months before and after the election  Special counsel Robert Mueller has re... read more

Smashing: MLB home run record on track to fall Tuesday

NEW YORK (AP) – Giancarlo Stanton’s smacks, Aaron Judge’s jolts and all those dizzying long balls helped Major League Baseball move another st... read more

Lose weight by breaking from diet two weeks

Move over month-long diets that force you to remove entire food groups or significantly decrease your calorie intake, there is a better way to lose weight. Expe... read more

Obese patients and smokers are REFUSED NHS operations

Patients who are obese or smoke are being refused operations and sent on a six month boot camp. They will be referred onto a six month ‘health optimisation pr... read more

Easyjet: ‘Budget airlines given up on politeness pretence’

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has admitted the cancellation of flights due to pilot holidays is ‘a mess’ The sight of Ryanair’s egotistical c... read more

Mexico says Panama authorizes extradition of ex-governor

By Reuters Published: 00:25 BST, 19 September 2017 | Updated: 00:25 BST, 19 September 2017 MEXICO CITY, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Panama has agreed to extradite... read more

Video captures attack on physically-disabled teen

A disturbing video surfaced this weekend showing a physically-disabled teen being beaten by a peer outside a Target in Crystal, Minnesota. According to local po... read more

Fadi Ibrahim yet to make $2.2million bail

The Ibrahim brothers were moved to a Dubai military base before a covert operation to extradite them back to Sydney to face charges over an alleged drug and tob... read more

Wagner hopes Palmer’s injury not as bad as first feared

Huddersfield midfielder Kasey Palmer could return to action before the end of October, head coach David Wagner has revealed. Wagner gave the latest update on th... read more

Princess Mary attends UN conference in New York

It’s been a busy few days for Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who is currently in New York for a whirlwind three day trip to attend the UN General Assembl... read more

Croatian language school puts Melania Trump on billboard

A likeness of Melania Trump has been plastered on billboards for a Croatian language school, in a bid to show students what they can achieve by learning English... read more

Cassini’s final image of Saturn’s ‘yin and yang’ moon

The Cassini spacecraft may be gone, but the remarkable observations gathered over the craft’s 13-year mission will continue to reveal new insights on Saturn a... read more

Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda wow at the Emmys

They certainly don’t look like three women with a combined age of 228. But then in the 37 years since they starred together, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Jan... read more

Microsoft’s Hotmail and Outlook suffer all-day outage

Microsoft’s free email services and Hotmail suffered an outage across Europe on Monday, preventing users from sending and receiving emails for... read more

Gold Coast prison escape Abigail Graf captured by police

One half of the the glamorous ‘Thelma and Louise’ duo who were on the run from prison has been caught by police – but the other woman remains ... read more

Two Auburn University bus drivers charged in rape

Two men who worked for a company that runs the Auburn University transit system have been charged in the alleged rape of a student on one of the buses. James Do... read more

Don’t want to pop a pill? Try these other alternatives

As many as ten million people in Britain live with some sort of chronic pain, according to the British Pain Society. While there are plenty of products and gadg... read more

US halts arms sales to Erdogan bodyguards: Congress

By Afp Published: 23:56 BST, 18 September 2017 | Updated: 23:56 BST, 18 September 2017 Nineteen members of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s securi... read more

Illegal immigrants shut down Pelosi press conference

A group of illegal immigrants and their supporters shouted down Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat who serves as House Minority Leader, on Monday as sh... read more

Kate Bosworth strolls with hubby after calling out sexism

They’ve been married for four years. But it’s clear Kate Bosworth and husband Michael Polish are still in the honeymoon phase. The couple held hands... read more

American woman smashes face when slipping using ab-wheel 

In a hilarious video a girl using an ab-wheel, in what appears to be America, falls flat on her face when she slips backwards   She stretches out ready to ree... read more