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NASA reveals the final images Cassini took

A week after its dramatic ‘death dive’ into Saturn’s atmosphere, NASA has released Cassini’s final images, revealing stunning last looks at the ringed p... read more

Man livestreams threats to ‘rival gang’ after he was shot

A man, who was shot in the neck, livestreamed threats to his attackers as blood gushed from his wound.  The man was driving with a woman, who was heard crying ... read more

Tom Brady boasts he’s too hydrated to get sunburned

The description of Tom Brady’s new book claims, ‘The TB12 Method is the only book an athlete will ever need, a playbook from Brady himself that will... read more

Pilar Sanders breaks silence on divorce from Deion Sanders

Pilar Sanders has broken her silence to speak for the first time about her marriage and acrimonious divorce from former Hall of Famer, NFL star Deion Sanders, 5... read more

Maine woman would go to jail before removing Trump signs

Susan Reitman of Rockland, Maine, has two signs on her front gate that read ‘I Love Trump’ and ‘He Won, Get Over It’  A code enforcemen... read more

Wenger denies making example of Arsenal forward Sanchez

By Press Association Published: 12:10 BST, 21 September 2017 | Updated: 20:31 BST, 21 September 2017 Arsene Wenger insists there is no ulterior motive to starti... read more

FTC crack down on sponsored posts on Facebook and YouTube

The FTC made the statements during a Twitter Q&A about promotional material A user asked if the ‘includes paid promotion’ mark on YouTube videos... read more

Impatient driver overtakes van and almost hits road worker

Stu McGregor shared the dash cam footage online which he captured Tuesday  He was driving on Westcraigs Road, Harthill, Scotland at the time The impatient driv... read more

‘White Allies Only’ rally set to take place in St. Louis

Another protest is planned for Thursday evening in St. Louis, but this time, the demonstrators are expected to be largely white. Organizers have called a ‘... read more

Funny mating dance of endangered bird species in Patagonia

Hooded Grebe only has 400 breeding pairs in the wild endangering the species Video footage has emerged of the birds performing a spectacular mating dance The bi... read more

Jennifer Aniston transforms into a mom on set of Dumplin’

She is best known for her role as Rachel Green in the 90s sitcom Friends. And Jennifer Aniston proved she hasn’t aged a day as she got to work on the set ... read more

Japan’s emoji creator hoped to end confusion in messages

The tiny smiley faces, hearts, knife-and-fork or clenched fist have become a global language for mobile phone messages, changing the way we communicate. They ar... read more

Kentucky man pleads guilty in beating death of 7-week-old

A Kentucky man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the 2015 beating death of his ex-girlfriend’s seven-week-old son. Cody Jene Phelps, 25, of Walton pleaded gu... read more

Bill Bush’s wife Sydney Davis seen without wedding ring

The estranged wife of Billy Bush has been pictured without her wedding ring for the first time after after the couple confirmed their ‘short term’ s... read more

Clip shows Russia using nuclear bomb to create reservoir

This is the amazing moment Russia used a nuclear bomb to create a reservoir – only to end up with a radioactive water supply known as the Atomic Lake. Foo... read more

Russian woman who suffered from alopecia now has long hair

A real life Rapunzel has revealed that she has not always had these stunning flowing locks after admitting she used to suffer from the debilitating condition al... read more

Reese Witherspoon and Michael Sheen at Home Again premiere

She plays a mother-of-two who strikes up a steamy fling with a man half her age in the romantic comedy Home Again. But Reese Witherspoon looked worlds away from... read more

Soccer star Lauren Holiday celebrate’s daughter’s birthday

Soccer star Lauren Holiday celebrated her daughter’s first birthday Wednesday, marking one year since she gave birth early after finding out she had a bra... read more

Greenpeace storm ship loaded with Volkswagen diesel cars

Greenpeace activists in kayaks and boats have stormed a cargo ship bringing diesel cars into the UK. The campaigners made their way next to the 23,498-tonne car... read more

Melania Trump to take Wayne Newton to meet Prince Harry

Melania Trump is taking her first solo excursion as first lady on Saturday, as she heads to Toronto to lead the US delegation at the Invictus Games.  The FLOTU... read more

North Korea owes NYC over $150,000 in parking tickets

The rogue state has amassed the shocking total after refusing to pay more than 1,300 tickets for its diplomatic vehicles since the 1990s  New York City issues ... read more

Babies try again when they see adults persist at a task

Perseverance can get you far in life and it seems this is a skill parents can pass on to their youngsters, through their own behaviour. Experts found that babie... read more

Sexual touch changes the brain, hormone study says

Girls who are touched sexually at a young age hit puberty earlier than those who do not have sexual contact until later in life, a study has found.    The fi... read more

Teacher stole $30,000 from her students for penny slots 

Detroit high school teacher Lydia Johnson, 29 (pictured) was charged with one count of embezzlement from a nonprofit organization after being accused of stealin... read more