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Murdered British headteacher robbed by gang for her GoPro

Emma Kelty, 43, is said to have been robbed by a gang before being blasted twice with a shotgun and her body thrown in a river A British headmistress has been m... read more

Dickinsonia fossil was an animal

Scientists have debated whether a mysterious creature that lived over 550 million years ago was an animal or something else.  The creature, called Dickinsonia,... read more

Flamethrower found Motorcycle gang member’s NJ home

Police arrest bikers and seize large stockpile of weapons including flamethrower Cops executed warrant against member of Pagan’s Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Th... read more

New Jersey Devils’ Brian Boyle diagnosed with leukemia

NHL veteran and first-year New Jersey Devils forward Brian Boyle has been diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, a type of bone-marrow cancer that the team... read more

Ariel Winter’s mom begs to reconcile with her daughter

Ariel Winter’s mother blasted her estranged daughter, saying the 19-year-old starlet knew she lived in a storage unit and that she wears revealing clothes... read more

Ivanka Trump on her father Trump and postpartum depression

Ivanka Trump has revealed that she doesn’t believed it is her ‘obligation to moderate’ her father, as she insists her critics misunderstand he... read more

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves stuns TV with shock admission

He is famed for his love of surgery and relentless pursuit for the perfect body.  And Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has now revealed the exact extent of the wo... read more

Maternity ward errors as common as they were 20 years ago

Maternity wards have done ‘very little’ to prevent serious medical errors in the past 20 years, a damning report warns (file photo) Maternity wards have don... read more

Doctors in dock over fake sick notes in Delhi

Five medical practitioners have been suspended for allegedly issuing fake medical leave certificates In one case a six-month leave was granted to a women who th... read more

Tony Abbott will vote against any clean energy target

Tony Abbott is vowing to vote against the Turnbull Government if it tries to introduce a clean energy target, with up to six backbenchers tipped to follow him. ... read more

Birds’ ‘ageless ears’ could help scientists treat deafness

Birds do not suffer hearing loss as they get older, a discovery which could lead to new treatments for deafness, scientists say. A study of barn owls found they... read more

Man buys Amazon slippers but they are covered in swastikas

Sam Purdie was outraged to find a pair of £15 slippers he ordered from online retail giant, Amazon, were covered in a pattern which apparently included the Swa... read more

Famous offspring Waterhouse, Law, Gallagher and Day-Lewis

As the daughter of a rocker, the sons of Hollywood actors and the sister of a model, their fashion credentials are impeccable. And Anais Gallager, Rafferty Law,... read more

Miami Dolphins suspend AWOL Lawrence Timmons indefinitely

The Miami Dolphins have opted to suspend Lawrence Timmons after the veteran linebacker went AWOL before Sunday’s win over the Los Angeles Chargers. ‘... read more

Ballan crash: Teen driver arrested after fatal collision

A suspected home invader led police on a high-speed chase before crashing into a parked car, killing his young female passenger. Police allege the boy, aged 17,... read more

Ivanka Trump takes her turn at the United Nations

Hours after her father spoke before the United Nations General Assembly, it was first daughter and White House aide Ivanka Trump’s turn.  Seated across a... read more

Florida cop justified in fatal shooting of Ruben Urbina

A police officer was justified in fatally shooting a 15-year-old boy who was advancing at him with a crowbar, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Ruben Urbina, an honor ... read more

Pilot lands on Hawaiian beach after engine fails

Footage shows tense moment flyer’s net wraps itself around the propeller He’s forced to kill the engine despite two whales lurking underneath him Hi... read more

Youth football team kneels during anthem to protest

A suburban St. Louis youth football team made up of eight-year-olds knelt during the playing of the national anthem just prior to kick off this past Sunday to p... read more

Girl, 27, mistook a stroke for an intense migraine

Carly White, a healthy 27-year-old girl, thought she was experiencing a terribly intense migraine on July 30. The symptoms were severe: she was vomiting and sha... read more

Camper’s back flip over a latrine ends in him needing bath

The would-be acrobat launches himself backward over the crevice in a forest But as he tries to perform the ambitious flip, he veers slightly off course  Rather... read more

Chipmunk steals alcohol-soaked pet food in China

A tiny chipmunk wobbled in a backyard after stealing food in a bin last week  Mr Li, the house owner, spilled leftover alcohol onto his pet chinchilla’s ... read more

Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid stage London Fashion Week show

By Associated Press Published: 23:08 BST, 19 September 2017 | Updated: 23:09 BST, 19 September 2017 LONDON (AP) – Designer Tommy Hilfiger and model Gigi H... read more

Brazilian boy shrieks after confronting rat in bathroom

A video shows the moment a boy tries to chase a rat out of his bathroom Instead of defeating the rodent, the boy and his cat panic The cat leaps up the wall and... read more