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Mother of Daniel Leverton’s ‘new girlfriend’ slams fling

The mother of the woman who received the majority of a dead RAAF mechanic’s superannuation said the couple was so in love, she thought they would get marr... read more

Pence wants more monuments to tell the full story of US

Vice President Mike Pence put weight behind President Trump’s assertion that Confederate statues should stay in place Tuesday, by saying the country shoul... read more

Trump says he still might pardon Joe Arpaio

President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday night in Arizona that he might issue a presidential pardon in the future to former Phoenix-area sheriff Joe Arpaio – ... read more

Mandy Moore reflects on her first 90s red carpet looks

This Is Us actress and former teen rom com queen Mandy Moore has made some legendary red carpet appearances in her time – as well as some rather disastrou... read more

Truck spills 26,000 litres of bourbon and whiskey in crash

Two semi trailers collided head-on in South Australia on Wednesday morning A truck carrying about 26,000 litres of alcohol collided with a refrigeration truck T... read more

Ketogenic diet loved for fast results, but does it work?

Lose weight by eating more fat – it almost sounds too good to be true. But followers of the ketogenic food plan claim it not only works, it can revolutionise ... read more

Melbourne man punched, kicked outside Dandenong hospital

A 47-year-old man has been repeatedly kicked and punched outside a Melbourne hospital after allegedly refusing to give a cigarette to a group of three men. The ... read more

Danukul Mokmool: CCTV released of witnesses to shooting

NSW Police have released images of 10 witnesses to a police shooting on July 26 Strike Force Derowrie is investigating the shooting of a knife-wielding man, 30 ... read more

Lloyd Dunham dies down with meningococcal as Lucy speaks

The younger sister of a teenage boy who tragically died after he was struck down with meningococcal has spoken of his final moments. Lucy Dunham and her 19-yea... read more

Bento box hack with a Kmart ice cube tray clip container

As any mother will know, getting your children to eat the food in their lunchboxes at school is a mammoth task – let alone if they’re fussy and don&... read more

Trump defends himself again against charges of bigotry

A defiant President Donald Trump defended himself against charges of racism, a week after he touched off a national firestorm following white supremacist violen... read more

Class action against Comm Bank launched for shareholders

A class action has been launched against the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Maurice Blackburn lawyers are suing over allegations CBA funded terrorism  Share pr... read more

Adelaide council boss slammed ‘waiving pensioner’s fine’

Adelaide council boss slammed for urging employee to wave pensioner’s fine  Pensioner illegally parked outside an Ascot Park property in March last year... read more

KIND bars drops 50,000 pounds of SUGAR in Times Square

A three-story-high pile of sugar was dumped in Times Square to serve as shocking evidence of the amount that is being consumed by children in the US every five ... read more

Mitch McConnell ‘wonders if Trump will complete his term’

Mitch McConnell’s strained relationship with Donald Trump has left him barely communicating with the president, insiders say. McConnell, who has rallied t... read more

Two women robbed 79-year-old man’s Manhattan hotel room

Police are looking for two women who were filmed on surveillance footage after they robbed a 79-year-old man of $16,000 in cash and jewelry at his expensive Man... read more

Spotify’s saucy adverts are cleared

An advert shown during Britain’s Got Talent and before a 12A-rated film has been cleared despite scores of complaints that its sexual references unsuitabl... read more

Egyptian pyramid may have been discovered at Cairns

[9] This Regal person NEFER-TI-RU came from the temple of God in Penu, Egypt. He came from the House of God. He was the Son of KHUFU, king of Upper and Lower Eg... read more

Drag queens take out homophobic attacker on Oxford Street

A trio of drag queens who rushed to the aid of a Sydney man during an alleged homophobic attack said the assailants were shocked and scared when they came face... read more

Nightmare cruise, 2,124 passengers struck by 100km/h winds

A Carnival Spirit cruise ship was struck by 100km/h winds near NSW on Saturday Passengers shared frightening footage of the chaos to social media Plates were sm... read more

Mum of slain teen says she was ‘numb’ as killer convicted

Mahmoud Hrouk, 16, was brutally raped and murdered in 2015 – but his mother, Maha Dunia, says she wants people to remember him for who he was, not how he ... read more

Muslim imam says hand shake with women ‘sexual harassment’

A Muslim-convert preacher from Queensland claims it is sexual harassment to make him shake hands with a woman. Sharia law supporter Sheikh Zainadine Johnson use... read more

Kayla Itsines shares tips on how to beat bloat in a day 

Popular Australian fitness expert, Kayla Itsines, has shared her tips on how de-bloat in a day. The 26-year-old, who has over seven million Instagram followers,... read more

Kyle Sandilands girlfriend Imogen Anthony epic meltdown

Kyle Sandilands’ model girlfriend is rarely out of the headlines due to her outspoken behaviour and racy Instagram posts.  And Imogen Anthony, 26, raised... read more