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Calls for demolition of Confederate Mount Rushmore

A Democrat running to become America’s first black female governor wants to demolish the ‘Confederate Mount Rushmore’ in Atlanta, over its lin... read more

Pets abandoned after Chernobyl now roaming exclusion zone

The 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl turned the area into a wasteland and the Ukrainian city into a ghost town where no one has lived for more than 30 years &... read more

Retired Army officer ‘haunted’ by war killed himself

A retired senior Army officer ‘haunted’ by what he had seen on the battlefield hanged himself after suffering from anxiety and depression. Former Lt... read more

Cutoff year for millennial generation may change

As someone who researches generational differences, I find one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is ‘What generation am I in?’ If you w... read more

Plymouth father survived septis thanks to his muscles

A former international bodybuilding champion has told how he survived a potentially fatal sepsis attack – thanks to his huge muscles. Father-of-four Paul ... read more

NM Christian sect leader charged with child sex abuse

Peter Green of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps in the remote community of Fence Lake, New Mexico was arrested Sunday and faces 100 counts of... read more

Saudi king blows $100million on month long Morocco holiday

The high cost of the month-long holiday is believed to have topped $100million King Salman has been at his summer palace for a month, racking up huge bill The a... read more

WI woman accused of sex attack on boy after drugging him

Tara Gotovnik, 35, allegedly forced the boy to perform and watch sex acts while he was at her home in Greendale, south of Milwaukee, on August 7 A Wisconsin wom... read more

Woman ‘died after being set on fire by husband’ in India

A 24-year-old woman died after being set on fire by her husband and in-laws in a row over their dowry demands, it is alleged. According to reports in India, the... read more

Caravan reverse parks itself after coming loose in France

This incredible footage shows a runaway caravan rolling down a hill before perfectly parking itself – without hitting any other vehicles. In the clip, the... read more

Drunk driver who killed ‘second mum’ in Victoria jailed

A 20-year-old driver who killed her ‘second mother’ in a hit and run smash Taylor Hocking drove Tracey-Lee Kemp to a birthday party before the incid... read more

Alaskan Malamute can’t contain his delight for ice cream

This is the cute moment a dog gets excited about his favorite ice cream van  In the video shot in California, Kodi, an Alaskan Malamute, hears the familiar tun... read more

Search ends for missing helicopter crew members in Hawaii

A massive ocean search for five soldiers who disappeared after a nighttime helicopter crash last week ended Monday after no signs of life were spotted among the... read more

NHS bosses turn down donation from runners in drag

Health chiefs have turned down thousands of pounds from a charity run as it was raised by men dressed as female nurses. Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust re... read more

Family pay tribute as Connah Haslam dies of bone cancer

Connah Haslam (pictured), 19, from Bury in Manchester,died this morning in his heartbroken parents’ arms  A teenager who made an emotional appeal for £2... read more

Girl bursts into tears when mother sings to her in NC

A North Carolina mom recorded herself singing to her daughter  In the video she sings the popular lullaby You Are My Sunshine  The baby hysterically cries at ... read more

Liver condition causes boy’s face to swell like balloon

A five-year-old boy is fighting against a rare condition that causes his face and body to swell up like a balloon. Mckenzie Watson, five, has a rare condition w... read more

Thieves use forklift to rip ATM from ground in Florida

Authorities say the incident happened at the Bank of America overnight located along East 10th Avenue and Ninth Street in Hialeah  The suspects used a forklift... read more

Baby turtle with two heads found on a Florida beach

A rare mutant baby turtle with two heads has been found on a Florida beach by researchers. While checking empty nests left by recently hatched loggerhead turtl... read more

Moment Prince Frederik’s entourage is turned away from bar

CCTV footage has emerged of Danish Crown Prince Frederik’s entourage being turned away from a Brisbane bar. The security team for the Danish prince had ap... read more

Glasgow flat bought with Scotcoins in UK first

Businessman Peter McGowan bought a two-bedroom apartment with Scotcoins It is the first time the digital currency has been used to buy property in the UK The ap... read more

Russia locks up acclaimed Bolshoi Theatre director

Russian authorities have detained the theatre and film director Kirill Serebrennikov on suspicion of fraud, a move that critics denounced as the latest sign of... read more

Baby orangutans rescued from poacher in Borneo

Police have rescued two ‘severely distressed’ baby orangutans who were about to be smuggled out of West Borneo by an unscrupulous gang of trafficker... read more

Georgia paralyzed bride Jaquie Goncher is pregnant

A Georgia woman who famously walked down the aisle at her dream wedding despite being paralyzed as a teen is now expecting a baby. Jaquie Goncher, 26, of Mariet... read more