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University students in Brighton enjoy Freshers’ Week

Game of Thrones star Issac Hempstead Wright has been snapped enjoying a night out with his new flatmates during Freshers’ Week. The maths student, who pla... read more

Canadian student shed 85lbs after falling in love

A pretty young student with a dazzling smile and flowing blonde hair has revealed how food addiction saw her naturally slim frame soar to nearly 225lbs (16st 12... read more

Rednall husband and wife found dead 15 miles apart

A husband and wife in their 30s were found dead in the early hours of this morning at separate homes in an apparent murder-suicide. The body of James Barnes, 30... read more

Cardinals fan has meal destroyed by a player

Andrew Gudermuth was watching the game in St. Louis yesterday with his nephew and girlfriend while enjoying a plate of cheesy nachos During the game Chicago Cub... read more

Terrified Florida policeman screams removing snake

Hilarious clip was filmed at University of Central Florida police dept offices  The employees are held hostage by the tiny snake and they scream in fear But of... read more

Pregnant woman gives birth on the street in China

A pregnant woman went into labour unexpectedly on a street in China Her baby, a boy, came out as soon as she pulled down her trousers An experienced midwife hel... read more

How your music taste could reveal if you’re a psychopath

Psychopaths display different traits depending on their disorder. Common signs include superficial charm, a grandiose notion of self-worth, the need for stimula... read more

Turkey warns Iraq´s Kurds of `dark ending´ over independence bid

By Press Association Published: 11:40 BST, 26 September 2017 | Updated: 11:51 BST, 26 September 2017 Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he is consideri... read more

Jimmy Kimmel celebrates likely end of Obamacare repeal

Jimmy Kimmel has celebrated the likely end of the Obamacare repeal bill on his late night talk show as his wife told nasty Twitter trolls to ‘beat it.R... read more

Suffolk golfer died days after being struck by lightning

A golfing grandfather died four days after being struck by lightning while sheltering under a tree during a thunderstorm, an inquest has heard. Philip Shard, 60... read more

Shirtless Melbourne man maced in face by police

The man, wearing a pair of cargo shorts, is running down a Melbourne street Victorian police said he was driving erratically before crashing into a pole He then... read more

Wiltshire ‘veteran’ stabbed friend to death in ‘banter’

Ian McLaughlin has been jailed for seven years for stabbing Craig Guy during supposed ‘banter’ after a party A fantasist who falsely claimed to be a... read more

Fantasist who tortured man in his own home jailed for life

Jason Marshall has been jailed to life and ordered to serve at least 39 years behind bars for the murder of Peter Fasoli A sadistic killer who was caught on ca... read more

Britons are HAPPIER since the historic EU referendum

Official wellbeing figures show people are happier in the wake of EU referendum But anxiety levels rose slightly amid political turmoil and global turbulence ON... read more

Bus smashes into building after hitting cab in London

Terrified bystanders ran for their lives as a double-decker bus careered towards them after hitting a black cab in central London.  The number 8 bus ploughed i... read more

Dustin Martin: Inside private life of Brownlow medallist

When he had the Brownlow Medal draped around his neck on Monday night, Dustin Martin revealed he ‘was sick of his ugly face being in the paper.’ The... read more

Sussex student suffers wound after being bitten by spider

A teenager suffered a pus-oozing wound after she was bitten by a spider while relaxing in her bedroom. Courtney Thompson, 19, was rushed to hospital by her moth... read more

Chinese girl survives falling from a 33rd-storey balcony

This is the heart-stopping moment a teenage girl survives falling from a 33rd-storey balcony in China when she lands on a gigantic air cushion. Footage emerged ... read more

What your sleeping position says about you

‘Leftie lounger’  It’s the most popular sleeping position in the country, with 36 per cent of people saying they prefer to sleep on this side.  Some... read more

The Bangkok restaurant serving INSECTS to fearless diners

They are usually the stuff of travel nightmares – or reality TV shows. But, according to one Thai restaurant, eating creepy-crawlies is the new food of ch... read more

Russell Brand on Mabel:’It made me less narcissistic’

Russell Brand has replaced his penchant for partying with a proficiency for parenting. The formerly ‘wild’ and unpredictable comedian revealed on Mo... read more

Corrie’s Steve ‘steps over’ Leanne to save Michelle

Coronation Street viewers noticed a major gaffe during Monday night’s episode.  The blunder unfolded when Steve McDonald seemed to have ‘stepped ov... read more

Tony Blair slams Labour’s fantasy politics

Tony Blair (file image) today slammed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour for trying to win power by offering fantasy freebies to the electorate Tony Blair today slamm... read more

Glaswegian woman says sleeping tablets have boosted libido

A self-employed financial advisor has revealed how her libido has gone ‘through the roof’ after taking a sleep supplement. Jen McMahon, 28, from Gla... read more