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Hackers steal photos from Katie Price’s surgery clinic

Hackers have successfully broken into a celebrity London-based plastic surgery clinic, whose clients include Katie Price and even members of royal families. Lon... read more

Doctors perform 10-HOUR ‘toe to hand transfer’ on boy, 10

For two years, Virendra Singh, 10, lived a very limited life after losing his hands Doctors at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi have restored his right hand Usi... read more

Old, injured Neanderthal survived with help from friends

An older Neanderthal from 50,000 years ago who was deaf and had suffered multiple injuries relied on the help of others to live well into his 40’s. The re... read more

Manson family member had sex with Charles when she was 14

Diane Lake, now 64, met Charles Manson when she was a teenager in Los Angeles and has revealed she had sex with him within hours of them meeting The youngest me... read more

Woman clamor for Amazon to bring back Good Girls Revolt

Women are clamoring for Amazon to bring back an empowering show about sexual harassment in the workplace, after it was canceled by its ousted exec Roy Price—w... read more

Ivanka Trump hits the road to pitch tax-slash plan

Ivanka Trump took her father’s tax proposal directly to the people on Monday. The White House official spoke glowingly of the proposal town hall this afte... read more

British student denies holding onto terrorist manual

Joshua Walker, 27, had a copy of a terror manual in a draw under his bed, a court has heard A university student had a copy of a terrorism manual containing ins... read more

Tricks of the Restaurant trade reveals drink calories

Passersby were asked to rank drinks from the least to the most calorific A G&T, a pint of beer, a large glass of wine and a can of Coke were all on offer Ve... read more

Harvey Weinstein victim paid $150K in 1998 breaks her NDA

One of the eight women known to have received a settlement from Harvey Weinstein broke her silence over the weekend in an interview with the Mail on Sunday, and... read more

Mother shares the words she gives her son with dwarfism 

When Jade Morley sends off her first child Floyd-Henry to preschool on the NSW North Coast next year she knows she will be slightly anxious just like any other ... read more

Why porn can be GOOD for your relationship

Talking about the porn you or your partner watch, and even watching it together, can make a relationship healthier, a sex psychologist says. Dr Ari Tuckman says... read more

Drone’s-eye view under a moving freight train in Nevada

This is the astonishing moment a drone pilot managed to follow, explore and even pass underneath a moving freight train. The video, filmed near Reno, Nevada, an... read more

Rolling Stones perform for No Filter Tour in Paris

He’s the lead singer of legendary rock band The Rolling Stones. And Mick Jagger, 74, demanded attention as he gave a powerful performance with fellow band... read more

20 minutes extra commuting is equivalent to a 19% pay cut

An additional 20 minutes commuting per day is equivalent to a 19 per cent pay cut when it comes to measuring job satisfaction, a study has found. Researches exa... read more

Paralyzed 6-year-old boy wins $8.4million from hospital

A paralyzed six-year-old boy won $8.4 million from a hospital because the doctors failed to report abuse the first time he suffered injuries at the hands of his... read more

Biker member ‘held two staff hostage at a bowling alley’

David Clarke, 53, (pictured) is being questioned on suspicion of making threats to kill A 53-year-old man held after an armed siege at a bowling alley is a form... read more

Man winched to safety from Melbourne storm water drain

Man, 27, winched to safety after getting stuck overnight in a Melbourne drain Paramedics arrived to find the injured man inside the stormwater drain in Epping H... read more

Marcus drives a Mercedes and Ashley cannot afford petrol

At 21, Marcus Buchanan drives a Mercedes, cruises around the Spanish coast, boasts a wardrobe bursting with new clothes and has his sights firmly set on the pro... read more

Stu Laundy reveals his hard partying past

He’s the favourite to win Sophie Monk’s heart on The Bachelorette. And ahead of Wednesday’s finale, Stu Laundy has opened up about his hard pa... read more

Soldiers killed in Niger took an hour to request help

The American people and the fallen soldiers’ families deserve answers about a deadly ambush in the African nation of Niger, the top U.S. general said Mond... read more

Canadian man tests out his dog’s electric collar

A man in Ontario, Canada, was recording trying on his dog’s electric collar He inches slowly toward the invisible fence only to receive a big shock  Luc... read more

Steroid-free cream helps clear up scaly skin of psoriasis

A new treatment for the skin condition psoriasis can reduce the often distressing symptoms without the side-effects associated with standard therapies. More tha... read more

FBI surprised Bill Clinton took $500,000 from Russia

When former President Bill Clinton received a $500,000 check from a Kremlin-linked bank in 2010 to give a speech in Moscow it served, to the FBI, as further evi... read more

Diabetes rate has doubled in the US since 1988

The rate of diabetes cases has doubled in the last 29 years in the United States, according to new research.   The disease is a chronic condition that impacts... read more