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Diana’s diamond-studded handbag to sell for $38,490

A diamond-encrusted version of Princess Diana’s favourite handbag is expected to sell for £38,490 (£30,000) at a charity auction. The Princess of Wales ... read more

Do YOU worry too much? Expert reveals how to stop brooding

An expert has revealed the three steps to stop worrying for good. Recognising such brooding thoughts are a waste of time, focusing on the present and avoiding d... read more

Mother claims her Tourette’s son banned from play group

Danielle Hillier, from Milverton in Somerset, said her son Charlie was ordered to leave AJ’z activity centre and told he could not return A furious mother... read more

Tourist tells how he held murdered backpacker as she died

A British tourist brought tears to a small town community when he recalled cradling fatally stabbed fellow Briton Mia Ayliffe-Chung in his arms at a backpackers... read more

Mother is spotted breastfeedingher baby while driving

A picture of a mother breastfeeding her daughter while steering a tricycle with her son at the back has gone viral in China. Although Ms Wang, 28, was stopped b... read more

Country home in West Sussex up for sale for £3.25million

An ultra-modern country home which allows everything to be controlled at the touch of a button has gone on the market for £3.25million. Feldwicke is a stunning... read more

Does sex with a ROBOT count as cheating?

While you might think that having sex behind your partner’s back would count as cheating, it seems that many people don’t think this is the case if ... read more

Hilarious moment emus interrupt traffic in Yorkshire

A driver in West Yorkshire caught the ‘Loony Tunes’ moment when a family of emus went on the run and caused traffic chaos yesterday. Geoff Owen, 55,... read more

Pictured: Ex-US airbase RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk

RAF Woodbridge was first constructed in 1943 to repair fighter planes that were returning from bombing raids on Hitler’s Germany. Because it was designed ... read more

The obscene food that would be PERFECT for a hangover

Healthy eating books dominate the bestseller charts, and Instagram is awash with stunning pictures of guilt-free meals that tick every nutritional box. But for ... read more

Man’s sign tells panhandlers to ‘get a job’

A man’s sign that tells panhandlers to ‘get a job’ has incited violence along a busy street in Nebraska as one person sprayed him with mase an... read more

Woman is physically sick after eating ‘slushy’ raw KFC

Heather Summers popped into her local KFC to pick up some popcorn chicken After eating six pieces of the chicken she noticed ‘something was strange’... read more

Unbelievable stories of how lost objects were returned

We all have items that have gone missing never to be seen again, no matter how hard we try looking for them. However, for these lucky few their long lost posses... read more

Hitler’s top men: New book on the Nazi top brass

These images shed light on what life was like in the upper echelons of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party during World War Two. Unsurprisingly, the photographs sho... read more

America’s top soldier in Afghanistan threatens the Taliban

America’s longest-running war began well as US-led forces quickly toppled the Taliban government and disrupted al-Qaeda leaders who plotted the September ... read more

Trump huddles with his budget chief amid Congress clash

President Donald Trump begins to focus his energies Thursday on avoiding a calamitous government shutdown as he huddles with his budget director amid tense rela... read more

British tourguide stabbed 40 times by Czech lover

Killed: Rebecca Johnson, 26, from Fife, was stabbed dozens of times The boyfriend of a Scot who died after being stabbed up to 40 times at a Christmas resort i... read more

International Animal Rescue save Indonesian orangutan

Endangered creature is caught in the Sungai Putri Forest in Indonesian Borneo Deforestation meant the animal was homeless and being aggressive to humans Intern... read more

Melbourne GP vows to continue helping avoid vaccinations

A Melbourne doctor has vowed to continue helping parents avoid compulsory immunisations for their children, despite facing suspension. Dr John Piesse, who works... read more

Migrants throw rocks and bottles at riot police in Rome

Migrants and refugees threw rocks, bottles and gas cans at police in riot gear who were clearing more than a hundred of them from a makeshift camp in Rome. They... read more

Aboriginals want Captain Cook statue in Sydney removed

Aboriginals have called for the removal of a statue of Captain Cook which claims he ‘discovered Australia’. It follows violent protests in the US ov... read more

Circus tiger attacks trainer in Yingkou, Liaoning Province

A Chinese circus trainer has reportedly been attacked by a tiger during a live performance at a theatre. Video emerged on social media captures the moment the t... read more

Eels score after just 11 seconds in thrashing of Broncos

The Parramatta Eels have fired a potent warning shot just weeks out from the finals, setting an NRL record in their demolition of the Brisbane Broncos. The Eels... read more

Game Of Thrones theory emerges about White Walkers

It was one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the entire seventh season of Game Of Thrones. And now speculation has begun to swirl around the shocking death... read more