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Britain’s best fish and chip shops are revealed

Up and down the country, purveyors of one of the nation’s favourite dishes have been standing at their chip fryers with ‘baited’ breath awaiti... read more

Switch away from British Gas, families are told

Price rise will add £76 a year to average annual dual fuel bill for households But customers could save more than £300 by simply switching to cheap tariff  M... read more

Third-hand smoke exposure cripples your liver and brain

Third-hand smoke exposure can cripple your brain and liver, affecting your mannerisms, increasing your risk of neurodegenerative diseases, and ruining your meta... read more

Istanbul Fashion Week show resembles a bloody massacre

Models covered in fake blood stepped over ‘bodies’ on the runway in a gruesome show at Istanbul Fashion Week on Thursday evening. The Bashaques catw... read more

Twitter details differences between school and college

It’s no secret that college often tends to be a whole different beast from high school – but not always in the ways you might expect.  Now, with fr... read more

Alabama boys arrested after fatally shooting dog with gun

Three minors were arrested on Sunday for fatally shooting a woman’s dog with a stolen shotgun  They were taken to the Baldwin County Juvenile Detention ... read more

The Bachelor’s Matty J and Laura step out as a couple

Australia’s newest Bachelor couple Matty J and Laura Byrnes stepped out as a couple for the first time on Friday morning following the heart stopping fina... read more

How Trump called Jeff Sessions an ‘idiot’

President Donald Trump chewed out attorney general Jeff Sessions in the Oval Office and called him an ‘idiot’ after Robert Mueller was named as spec... read more

Video shows retrieval of car with bodies of Thai students

A video shows rescue teams in Fresno, California, finally retrieving the bodies of two Thai students from the wreckage of a car that plunged off a cliff in July... read more

Twitter users criticise ‘disgraceful’ Cologne fans

Twitter users have condemned ‘disgraceful’ Cologne fans who rampaged through London after being turned away from the Emirates without tickets. ITV n... read more

Alan Thicke widow scores a victory over Robin and brother

Tanya Thicke scored a victory in court today against the co-trustees of her late husband’s estate, her sons Brennan and Robin. From his courtroom in downt... read more

Bachelors Chris Soules emotionless at fatal crash pretrial

Bachelor star Chris Soules sat emotionless in an Iowa courtroom Thursday during a pretrial hearing, as he stands accused of leaving the scene of a deadly accid... read more

Matt Damon puts down record $16.6M for Brooklyn penthouse

Two years after earning an Oscar nomination for his work in ‘The Martian,’ Matt Damon is once again set to become a stranger in a strange new land. ... read more

Maintaining a steady weight helps you avoid hypertension

People who yo-yo diet are more likely to have high blood pressure, which can lead to fatal heart attacks and strokes, a new study has revealed. Researchers who ... read more

Viral hepatitis kills 1.34 million worldwide

Viral hepatitis is responsible for more premature deaths worldwide than HIV, tuberculosis or malaria. The virus killed 1.34 million people in 2016 alone ̵... read more

I taught Mick Jagger to dance, says Tina Turner

Tina Turner insists she never used sex to sell her music when she performed on stage Tina Turner insists she never used sex to sell her music when she performed... read more

The Bachelor Elise Stacy banned from dating other men

She was left blindsided after being dumped by Matty Johnson on The Bachelor’s grand finale this Thursday. And Elise Stacy has revealed even more heartbrea... read more

Singer Jessi Zazu dead after cervical cancer battle

Nashville-based indie rocker Jessi Zazu died Tuesday following a longtime battle to cervical cancer. She was only 28. The ‘Those Darlins’ frontwoman... read more

Hubble spots ‘pitch black’ planet so hot it eats light

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has observed a distant planet outside our solar system that eats light instead of reflecting it. The exoplanet – calle... read more

African antelopes ‘could become extinct’

Once-abundant antelopes are now at risk of extinction as they are hunted for meat, a shocking report into species at risk warned yesterday. The report warned th... read more

Hurricane Max makes landfall as Category 1 storm in Mexico

Hurricane Max made landfall on Mexico’s southern Pacific coast Thursday bearing down near a region popular with tourists that includes resorts like Acapul... read more

Were we guilty of torture too?

Book of the week  THE LONDON CAGE: THE SECRET HISTORY OF BRITAIN’S WORLD WAR II INTERROGATION CENTRE by Helen Fry (Yale £18.99)  The former member of t... read more

Sports coach, 24, is arrested ‘for grooming a boy, 15’

The 24-year-old Manly man was arrested at a golf course on Thursday afternoon Police say the man met the teenager, then 15, at an interstate sports event  He t... read more

Arsenal win delayed, AC Milan start fast in Europa romp

Arsenal won its first Europa League match in 17 years after a delayed start while AC Milan started fast in subduing host Austria Vienna 5-1 on Thursday. Kickoff... read more