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Female ISIS torturer describes horrors she inflicted

A female ISIS deserter has spoken of how she would revel in torturing other women in front of their family members during her time in an all-girl jihadist briga... read more

Man thought he was dead after blade sliced his throat

A 70-year-old grandfather has described the horrifying moments after an angle grinder blade disintegrated and sliced through his throat. Retired sheet metal wor... read more

White girl who lured victims to Asian gang blamed them

Carolann ‘Chucky’ Gallon told police that victims she lured to sexual abuse were to blame not her A mother-of-two who found young white girls for As... read more

University apologizes for slide suggesting masturbation

A university in New York suggested that masturbation was a deterrent to sexual assault in a slide show for new students. The Rochester Institute of Technology&#... read more

Mother says she loves her dog MORE than her own family

A mother-of-one has admitted that she loves her dog more than her own family. Angela Garvin explained during an appearance on This Morning, that she prefers her... read more

Cheryl puts plans in motion to build dream house extension

Cheryl and Liam Payne have submitted fresh plans for their mansion home that will nearly double the size of the original building – if approved. The singi... read more

Apple patent reveals device that works as personal disco

An Apple patent published this week reveals how future iDevices could have backlights that double up as strobes. Apple says the strange feature could work as pe... read more

Feds pay NYPD $26m for guarding Trump Tower

Federal authorities have settled the first part of the bill for guarding Trump Tower The NYPD claims its costs $308,000-a-day when President Trump is in town  ... read more

American public film from 1961 warns against homosexuality

This shocking public information film from 1961 warns young boys against ‘dangerous’ and ‘contagious’ homosexuality. Narrated by a polic... read more

LA homeless man launches AXE attack on Good Samaritan

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of an axeman attacking a shopper after the Good Samaritan offered to pay for items the suspect was allegedly trying to steal. ... read more

One man extracts bee semen and  inseminates the queen

One Scottish man is using his homemade laboratory to help save the world’s bee population – one insemination at a time. Michael Waite, 53, is one of... read more

South Park game ‘more difficult’ using black characters

The creators of outrageous adult comedy cartoon South Park have developed a new video game which is harder if you play as a black character.  As well as decidi... read more

School allows students to discipline themselves

A primary school in regional Victoria will allow students to discipline themselves The School of Cultural Creativity in Cockatoo has applied for registration Ch... read more

Is Conor McGregor at risk of DEMENTIA?

Conor McGregor, the Irish UFC star known by many as ‘The Notorious’, may be at risk of dementia, research suggests. The MMA fighter, who recently, a... read more

Single men are nearly FOUR TIMES more likely to be frail

Single and divorced men are nearly four times more likely to be frail in old age, new research suggests.   Elderly men improve their frailty status by 3.6 time... read more

Same-sex marriage ballots being sold online for hundreds

Ballots for the upcoming Australian postal vote on same sex marriage are being sold online for up to $1,500. Although the survey forms won’t be posted out... read more

Gangster’s moll who lied to police is spared jail

Lisa Sudale, 35, of Derbyshire, told police she was having a bath with her boyfriend when he was actually robbing a jewellery store A gangster’s moll who ... read more

Ricky Hayden killer Tommy Roome jailed for 14 years

Tommy Roome was jailed for 14 years for the manslaughter of former celebrity bodyguard Ricky Hayden A machete-wielding thug had been jailed for 14 years for kil... read more

Indian girl, 16, who sheds her skin every six weeks

A ‘human snake’ teenager who sheds her skin every six weeks because of a rare condition is set to get life-improving treatment in Europe. Shalini Ya... read more

Rebecca Gibney shares tributes to Connie Johnson

Earlier today, Connie Johnson passed away at the age of 40 after a prolonged battle with breast and liver cancer.  And Australian celebrities have taken to soc... read more

Amir Khan parties with hand on mystery woman’s bottom

Amir Khan put his marriage troubles behind him last night as he left a concert in Dubai with his hand on the bottom of a mystery woman. The 30-year-old British ... read more

Free legal advice for unpaid staff of George Colombaris

Flyers asking former staff of embattled MasterChef judge George Calombaris to call a free phone line for free legal advice have begun sprouting around Melbourn... read more

North Korea feared to be preparing another missile launch

North Korea is feared to be preparing another missile launch tomorrow to mark the nation’s founding anniversary.  South Korean experts fear the rogue sta... read more

Jay Tindall’s video of a trip to Turkmenistan

Getting visas to enter Turkmenistan can prove tricky – MailOnline Travel was recently denied entry. But for those forbidden access to the mysterious forme... read more