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Boy starts sobbing after learning mom gave birth to girl

This is the adorable moment a little boy finds out he now has a little sister  In the video, the boy and his sister meet their dad in the hospital where their ... read more

Spare me billionaire tax-exiles demanding British help

It’s a weird thing watching hurricanes strike land. Like a sci-fi action movie, with water rising higher than the sky-scrapers and entire oceans being suc... read more

Somalian mother and son chose to live on a London bench

A Somalian mother and son have been living on a high street bench for three years after turning down two-bedroom flats in London. Wandsworth Council has despera... read more

Passengers scream in terror as their bus EXPLODES

Passengers ran for their lives screaming in fear as the bus they were riding exploded into flames on a busy arterial road. The blaze quickly consumed the rear o... read more

Trump takes on NBC’s Katie Tur with ‘fake news’ book tweet

President Donald Trump fired off an angry tweet about ‘fake news’ authors after NBC’s Katie Tur’s new book about her time covering Trump... read more

NHS strikes up a ‘pay as you cure’ deal for hep C drug

The cash-strapped NHS has struck up a ‘pay as you cure’ deal for a hepatitis C drug as it desperately attempts to save money. Under the new deal, wh... read more

Pakistani couple tied down and ELECTROCUTED by their dads

A man around 18-years-old and a girl aged 15 or 16 were electrocuted to death by their uncles and fathers in the city of Karachi Relatives responsible for thei... read more

Roy Hodgson close to deal to take Crystal Palace job

Roy Hodgson is close to becoming the new manager of Crystal Palace Hodgson will replace Dutchman Frank De Boer who was sacked on Monday The 70-year-old is back ... read more

Parents’ devastation after ALL three sons commit suicide

A mother and father are facing the unimaginable pain of losing all three of their beloved to sons and a nephew to suicide. Stephen Ferrin, 31, died at the weeke... read more

Traffic jams as Floridians are allowed to return home

With Hurricane Irma safely out of the state, most Floridians will be able to return home today – but it will be a uncomfortable homecoming because more th... read more

Missing woman disappeared at Manchester Airport 

Fears are growing for a young woman who disappeared after landing at Manchester Airport. Police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of Louise Holoh... read more

Holly Bobo’s mother collapses at accused killer’s trial

Holly Bobo’s mother collapsed in sobs as she identified her slain daughter’s wallet during the first day of her daughter’s accused killer̵... read more

52 million-year-old fossil could rewrite human history

A 52 million-year-old ankle fossil dug up in France shows the first primates were high flying acrobats in a find that could rewrite human history. The shape and... read more

3,000 Swedish commuters using microchips as travel cards

When you’re in a rush, it can be easy to forget your travel card on the way out of the house. But for around 3,000 commuters in Sweden, this isn’t s... read more

Renault’s new concept car Symbioz has armchairs and WiFi

Instead of just a way to get around, your car might become an extension of your home in the future if Renault’s new concept vehicle, Symbioz, has anything to ... read more

Ten reasons why you can’t loose weight from your stomach

Are you struggling to loose weight from your stomach? Leading nutritionists and fitness specialists outline 10 common reasons why women cannot shift their spare... read more

Donald Trump to visit China says ousted aide Steve Bannon

President Donald Trump will visit China in November, his former chief White House strategist revealed to on Tuesday. The White House has confirmed... read more

Widower reveals ‘fairytale’ adventures with dying wife

A British man has won the hearts of Russians for his soul-stirring account of his love for his beautiful dying wife, and their extraordinary romantic ‘fai... read more

Omega-3 in salmon can boost your gut health

Eating salmon really can boost gut health, new research shows. For years, scientists have touted the oily fish as a potential way to ward off agonising gut cond... read more

Heart-warming moment a Sydney shark is released into wild

A nearly two-metre great white shark that washed up on a popular Sydney beach has been returned to the ocean. The juvenile animal, nicknamed ‘Fluffy’... read more

Footage shows plane battling crosswinds in South Carolina

Dramatic footage shows plane battling crosswinds from Tropical Storm Irma Alligient airline was buffeted by ferocious winds as it tried to land on Monday  Atte... read more

Essex County Council fines 5,000 motorists in a month

A council has been slammed for being ‘sneaky’ after nearly 5,000 motorists were fined for using a bus lane in the space of just 25 days. Essex Count... read more

Fox host asks whether 9/11 memorials will be taken down

They are some of the country’s most revered monuments – paying tribute to the brave first responders and innocent civilians who lost their lives on ... read more

England Women boss Mark Sampson faces fresh scrutiny

Mark Sampson has recently been accused of racism and bullying by Eni Aluko His hands-on approach to training looked to be shrugged off by Lucy Bronze Sampson pu... read more