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Non-EU migrants ‘will stay at 155,000 a year’

Mass immigration from outside Europe is ‘unlikely to fall significantly’ unless ministers introduce tough new measures, a report warns today. The scope to ... read more

Rain takes a bite out of burger sales

Sales of burgers have slumped by a quarter amid a lack of barbecue weather and a switch to veggie alternatives. The fall was equivalent to a reduction of £8mil... read more

John Craven’s despair over fly-tipping epidemic

Countryfile presenter John Craven It is the scourge of England’s once green and pleasant land. And the problem of fly-tipping has got so bad that it is now at... read more

Homeless vets tell of being traumatized by sex assault

It is a little known fact that women veterans are four times more likely to become homeless than female civilians. Now a new photo essay offers an unvarnished g... read more

Queensland sinkhole swallows campsite at Inskip Point

Couple’s campsite swallowed by a freak sinkhole at Queensland’s Inskip Point Previously unseen footage shows parts of the ground falling away in the... read more

Provident Financial tanks, 800,000 families face crisis

Peter Crook, CEO of Provident Financial, resigned in disgrace yesterday as the company’s stocks crashed Hundreds of thousands of struggling families have ... read more

Diana’s sister says she was ‘religious about seatbelts’

Princess Diana’s sister said she remained haunted by questions over her death – including her uncharacteristic failure to wear a seatbelt. Lady Sarah McCorq... read more

Prince William and Harry reveal reaction to Diana’s death

Prince Harry has told for the first time how Prince Charles broke the news of his mother’s death. In an emotional interview, he and Prince William also reveal... read more

One in four people find time to take a bath

Relaxing in a warm bath to unwind at the end of hard day has become a thing of the past for the overwhelming majority of Britons, a new survey suggests. For ti... read more

British father locked in Turkish jail after plucking coins

Toby Robyns, 52, (pictured) was arrested at Milas-Bodrum Airport after he found 13 coins which are ‘historical treasures’  A British tourist is fac... read more

Eclipse fans show off their homemade watching devices

This week’s solar eclipse, the first to happen in the U.S. in 38 years, excited Americans from all over the country, who, not able to find eclipse glasses... read more

Greg Kelley freed after child sex assault case falls apart

In 2012, Greg Kelley was arrested at his high school on child sex assault charges in a case that has now been thrown into doubt A former high school football st... read more

Energy-boost vitamin B pills linked to lung cancer

Men who take energy-boosting vitamin B supplements could be at double the risk of lung cancer. A study found men who take high doses of vitamins B6 or B12 over... read more

Doctors warn vaginal seeding can give newborns infections

A birth technique designed to protect babies from asthma and allergies could actually harm newborns, experts warn. Doctors said there was no evidence that trans... read more

Mariah Carey is accused of ‘photoshopping’ again

It is 27 years since she was propelled to fame and her latest photoshoot reveals she has a fabulous body. But Mariah Carey was quickly accused of doctoring her ... read more

USC ‘misspells Shakespeare’ on statue in $700m project

It’s supposed to be the centerpiece of the University of Southern California’s $700 million ‘Village,’ but the new statue of Greek mytho... read more

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor arrive in Las Vegas

Conor McGregor accused Floyd Mayweather of ducking a face-off four days before they collide in the biggest fight of all time. A mix-up over the timing for their... read more

Naomi Fitzgerald De Grave forms bond with homeless man

A model who often stopped on her way to work to buy food for a homeless man has formed a touching friendship that led to saving his life. Naomi Fitzgerald De Gr... read more

Prince William ‘understands’ why Diana went on Panorama

Diana’s notorious Panorama interview about the state of her marriage was an act of desperation, Prince William said. William said he understood why his mo... read more

Moped offences in London alone soar to 11,600 in a year 

Crimes by marauding robbers on mopeds more than doubled last year as police struggle to tackle the menace. Latest figures show 11,596 crimes took place in Londo... read more

Doctors given 6 chances to pass GP examination

Trainee GPs who repeatedly fail exams will be given even more chances to resit, according to proposals. Health Education England announced draft plans to give d... read more

British hero of Barcelona comforted Julian Cadman

The heroic British father who is believed to have cradled an Australian boy as he lay dying on Las Ramblas after the Barcelona terror attack has called on the &... read more

Samsung’s voice assistant is released in Australia

Samsung has released its long awaited voice-activated assistant, Bixby, in Australia – but it’s not completely up to date with Aussie slang.  While... read more

Have you got a fiver worth £17,000 at home? 

Fancy swapping an old £5 note for £17,000? Fear not: this is not a scam. The truth is that some banknotes are collectors’ items – and you could be in ... read more