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It’s already broken some hearts.

The Victorian state government has pulled out of the running to host the 2018 TV Week Logie Awards in Melbourne, where it has been synonymous with the city̵... read more

VW Golf ploughs into living room of York house 

Four people have been injured after a car smashed straight through the wall of a house and set on fire. The driver of the white VW Golf was hurt, along with two... read more

Spies reveal Kim Jong-Un has a secret son

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has a secret son who is heir to his brutal regime, spies have revealed.  The dictator has three children with his wife Ri Sol-... read more

Robert Lopez says Let It Go wasn’t meant be annoying

He’s the man behind the infectious tune Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen. And on Sunday, Robert Lopez revealed the song wasn’t intended to irrit... read more

Toxic waste dumping sites in Texas are flooded

Around a third of Texas’ 41 highly toxic waste dumping sites are now flooded – sparking fears that dangerous toxins could leach into floodwaters. Lo... read more

Chery is called by old surname ‘Cole’ at Game 4 Grenfell

She made one of her first public appearances at the charity event, since removing herself from the spotlight to care for her newborn son Bear. But Cheryl’... read more

The Queen attends church service at Crathie Kirk

The spotlight has been well and truly on the royal family in recent weeks as the nation commemorated the 20th anniversary since Princess Diana’s death. Bu... read more

Two Melbourne dads hit by car at Father’s Day party

Two dads are fighting for life after they were hit by a car and thrown metres into the air outside a Father’s Day party. Vaea Amituanai, 32, and Antz Pio,... read more

Top £10,000-a-year Steiner school ordered to close

A top £10,000 a year school has been ordered to close following a damning report from Ofsted that flagged up serious fears of child safety. The Rudolf Steiner ... read more

Japanese princess to marry commoner and lose royal status

A Japanese princess is giving up her royal status to marry a commoner she fell in love with because of his ‘bright smiles like the sun’. Japanese Em... read more

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe unusual murder motive

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe was destined to be a serial killer the moment his father uncovered his mother’s infidelity, a new documentary has claimed... read more

Coles and Woolworths slammed for stocking Christmas pies

It may only be the third day of spring, but the festive season has already began creeping into the major supermarkets across the country. Coles and Woolworths a... read more

Adorable animals feature animal photographer year awards

A biking dog, a rabbit in a bow tie and a black cat enjoying a wine glass filled with milk are just three of the adorable animals captured in this year’s ... read more

Prince George’s school vows to make parents ‘feel secure’

 A child’s first day at school is always an unnerving one for their parents – particularly when their son happens to be the future king. However, t... read more

Moors Murderer Ian Brady left gifts for penpals

Moors murder Ian Brady has left supporters a bizarre box of trinkets gathered during his 51 years behind bars.  The serial killer, who died in Ashworth High Se... read more

Passengers reveal their most disturbing seat neighbours

Most of us have, at some stage, been seated next to a less-than desirable character on a flight.  But some of these stories really take the biscuit. Travellers... read more

Fox cub get trapped in a building site wall cavity

The Wildlife Aid Foundation rescued the fox from a building site in Surrey  Workers used a special camera to find the fox hidden among pipes in a cavity The fo... read more

Trump warns North Korea talks ‘will not work’ after bomb

Donald Trump has dismissed attempts to ‘appease’ North Korea and warned that the rogue state’s officials ‘only understand one thing̵... read more

Driver, 66, died when brakes on his vintage car failed

A veteran racing driver died after the brakes failed on his vintage car as he competed in a dangerous hill climb trial.   Colin Butt, 66, had reached the top ... read more

Up to thirty people involved in a Sydney’s bar fight

Up to thirty partygoers were involved in a bloody all-in brawl overnight with some patrons describing the scene akin to a ‘terror attack.’  The bra... read more

Anti-Islam mock beheading defendant vows ‘crazy stunt’

An anti-Islam activist charged over a graphic mock beheading is promising a stunt outside a Melbourne courthouse despite facing six months in jail. Neil Erikson... read more

Fresh embarrassment for Spanish king

The Spanish monarchy’s already fragile reputation is in danger of suffering further damage amid fresh controversy surrounding the former king’s priv... read more

Princess Beatrice attends Eliza Ferguson’s wedding

She may have missed out on Pippa Matthews’ wedding in May but it seems that Princess Beatrice is not short of high society wedding invites.  The Princess... read more

RAF ‘blockbuster’ forces 70,000 from their homes

A newly-discovered RAF ‘blockbuster’ bomb has forced 70,000 people from their homes in Germany in the biggest post-war evacuation yet.   The 1.8-t... read more