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Teenage boys can take HIV prevention pills, study says

A pill that protects against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be safely used by young men who have sex with men, according to a new study. In a divers... read more

Dr Bennet Omalu says kids should avoid lacrosse and soccer

The doctor who inspired the Will Smith movie Concussion says teenagers should not play lacrosse or ice hockey – and only over-14s should play soccer.  Th... read more

NASA studies primordial protein soup that led to life

The ‘primordial soup’ on Earth a billion years ago, which led to first life on our planet, might have been teeming with primal precursors of protein... read more

Mother and her boyfriend charged in death of 2-year-old

Whitney Denise Breslin, 21, and Cashe Kawika Graham, 22 were arrested in connection with the death of Breslin’s daughter The girl, Jamie Murdock, 2, died ... read more

Chatty girls may be hiding ADHD

ADHD  is being missed in girls because they do not have disruptive behaviour NICE says females with the disorder are frequently diagnosed late or not at all Gi... read more

London police fear revenge after Forest Gate shooting

Extra police patrols have been put in place in Newham as the borough braces itself for a revenge attack after a double shooting in broad daylight yesterday. A 1... read more

Former lawmaker sentenced to 21 years in Ponzi scheme

A former Tennessee lawmaker who led a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme centered on buying and selling gold and silver coins has been sentenced to 21 years behi... read more

Sydney traffic chaos after crash Epping Road Lane Cove

Crash involving three cars has brought traffic in north-west Sydney to a halt  At about 7.15am emergency services closed two out of three city-bound lanes Heav... read more

Hurricane Harvey’s floods caused Houston to SINK

As southeast Texas and Louisiana cope with the devastation left behind by hurricane Harvey, scientists now say the event was so extreme, it caused Houston to dr... read more

Wife, 21, ‘intentionally struck and ran over her husband’

Roberta Felix, of California, charged with attempted murder in Monday incident  Accused of purposefully mowing down her husband with her car in Camarillo whil... read more

Man pleads not guilty to killing California dad in LV

James Beach, 28, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to killing a man with a single punch outside a downtown Las Vegas bar this past spring A 28-year-old man has pleaded... read more

NC ‘cough syrup’ man appears in court over wife’s death

An aspiring pastor who claimed to have accidentally killed his wife in his sleep after taking too much cough medicine appeared in court on Tuesday. Matthew Phel... read more

John Legend films his politically charged anti-Trump video

Outspoken Trump critic, John Legend filmed his new politically charged music video on Monday in Los Angeles after controversy over casting for it erupted over t... read more

Jan Moir gives her view from the sofa on Doctor Foster

Someone sent her a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a card with the one word ‘bitch’ – ouch, ouch, ouch. In a moment of difficulty, she drank wine alone ... read more

Florida girl becomes first female to throw a touchdown

A Florida teen has made history by becoming the first female quarterback in her high school to throw a touchdown pass – and she did so during her first-ev... read more

Woman settles lawsuit after gang rape accusation

Baylor University has settled a lawsuit filed by a former female student who said she was gang-raped by two football players and alleged the program at the nati... read more

Injections used in botched boob job are available online

A filler used to fill wrinkles and in bum jabs was allegedly injected into the breasts of a Sydney beautician who later died – and can be bought online for le... read more

Heart-stopping video of man flying into Hurricane Irma

An aerospace engineer has recorded the terrifying moment that he flew into the Category-5 Hurricane Irma, which has windspeeds of up to 200mph.  Nick Underwood... read more

Chace Crawford’s dog gets lost and is returned by PR exec

Emily Black Favreau was on her way to work when she saw a dog running down Santa Monica Blvd Instead of ignoring a dog in distress she pulled over and scooped ... read more

Floyd Mayweather Jr adds $100K jackpot to $100m purse

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. continued to live up to his nickname by winning a $100,000 jackpot at a casino and posting the video online. ‘70,... read more

Wisconsin woman scammed out of $2k in ‘lost’ wallet con

A woman in Brookfield, Wisconsin, thought she had discovered a wallet with $150,000 inside but ended up losing $2,000. The woman, who asked to remain anonymous,... read more

Model sisters throw louchest society bash of the summer

Dog masks, riding crops and leashes galore — welcome to the most risqué society party of the season. To end the summer with a bang, model sisters Edie and Ol... read more

Farmer offers land to travellers to stir ‘s***’ in village

Linda Watson (pictured) says she wants travellers to take over her plot in Kirtling, near Newmarket in the hope it will create ‘s*** for the village’... read more

Red Sox used Apple Watch to steal catchers hand signs

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman filed a complaint alleging Red Sox training staff relayed stolen signs to hitters with help of an Apple Watch Video of the... read more