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Breakthrough in hunt for life on Mars

Researchers have discovered another clear indicator that life once existed on Mars. NASA’s Curiosity rover has found evidence of boron on the red planet&#... read more

Harvey’s floodwaters mix a foul brew of sewage, chemicals

Harvey’s filthy floodwaters pose significant dangers to human safety and the environment even after water levels drop far enough that Southeast Texas resi... read more

Woman dancing to ‘Country Roads’ falls off a chair

A hilarious video shows a woman standing on a chair wearing tall platform shoes She sings along to ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ but loses her balan... read more

Prankster tells her boyfriend she has SHAVED her head

If asked whether they would still love their partner if he or she lost all their hair, most people in happy relationships would say: ‘Of course!’ Im... read more

Boy, 6, injured after his brother, 4, tried to drive them

Police say a four-year-old boy took the car keys to drive to Chuck E. Cheese’s with his six-year-old brother, Markeon Reese-Parker The younger boy put the... read more

Moment man plunges into water to save woman

A bystander leaps into floodwater to save a woman in Dehradun, India The man saved the woman after she fell whilst trying to reach the other side The heroic on... read more

Jennifer Lawrence dazzles at Venice premiere of Mother!

After touching down in Venice, she has been avidly promoting her new movie Mother! at this year’s annual film festival.  And stepping out at the premiere... read more

The two mini moons of Uranus are on a collision course

Cressida, one of Uranus’s moons, is on course to collide with Desdemona, another of Uranus’s moons. According to a new study, the collision isn̵... read more

Transgender NY woman one of the first at Wellesley College

Ninotska Love, born a man, will be attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts A 28-year-old woman has become one of the first transgender students to attend t... read more

Prince Harry charms child as he visits Grenfell families

Prince Harry is well known for his charming personality and it seems he’s won over another young fan today. While visiting schoolchildren affected by the ... read more

Hamster falls asleep holding a tiny teddy bear

Shibuya the hamster is well-loved by his owners and has his own Facebook page They posted a video of Jaieden Ace Shen singing This I Promise You by ‘N Syn... read more

Tinder date gets stuck trying to retrieve her excrement

A woman had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a window while trying to retrieve her own excrement – all while at the home of a Tinder d... read more

Whale leaps to snap a gull in its jaws in Alaska

A pod of humpback whales catch their dinner together in  Juneau, Alaska The majestic creatures use the ‘bubble-net’ technique to ensure a catch Th... read more

Trump family, associates to be in Russia probe crosshairs

A web of President Donald Trump’s family and associates will be back in the crosshairs of congressional committees investigating whether his campaign coll... read more

Sleep deprivation can affect a couple’s marriage

Sleeping more than seven hours a night can help solve a couple’s marriage problems, experts say.  Researchers analyzed couples response to stressful situ... read more

Video of a fast turtle speeding away through water

A small Spiny Soft-shelled turtle is seen disappearing in less than four seconds Though turtles are known for being slow, they actually are fairly fast in water... read more

Michael Caine doesn’t want Britain to be controlled by EU

Sir Michael Caine says he supports Brexit because he doesn’t want Britain to be controlled by European Union bureaucrats. At the Venice Film Festival, the... read more

Jilted husband sues doctor his ex-wife had an affair with

A jilted husband is suing the doctor his wife had an affair with, claiming he stole the woman’s love and that he should now have to pay him for it.  Marc... read more

Body found wrapped in tarp identifed as Brooklyn mobster

A man’s body wrapped in a tarp and weighed down that was pulled out of the water off of Brooklyn on Saturday has been identified as that of a mobster̵... read more

Woman shares photos of herself battling suicidal thoughts

A woman has warned against telling a person they don’t ‘look’ suicidal, by sharing two extremely different photos of herself and insisting she... read more

People over 6ft 2in at higher risk of heart attacks

Being tall may have its shortcomings. For researchers have found that greater height comes with increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. A study of 2.7milli... read more

Zika can kill brain tumors like John McCain’s, study says

Zika virus kills brain tumors like John McCain’s, according to new research. The mosquito-borne infection is most widely-known for causing birth defects i... read more

Archaeologists find head from a statue of unknown pharaoh

A smashed-up sculpture unearthed at the site of the ancient city Hazor is, ‘beyond any doubt,’ the representation of an Egyptian pharaoh, experts say. Just ... read more

Tatler produces ‘toddler etiquette’ guide for posh kids

Tatler has produced a ‘toddler etiquette’ guide on how to raise a posh baby The guide includes advice on toddler fine dining, bedtimes and posh play... read more