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Nearest Green Jack Daniels mentor own brand whiskey

During the most oppressive and racially divided era in our nation’s history, an unlikely friendship was born that gave way to the creation of one of Americaâ€... read more

Vandal scratches vehicles as she walks on quiet street

CCTV shows a woman scratching a van as she walks past other parked vehicles  An investigation was launched after three people reported they had been keyed All ... read more

Mouthwash could raise heart disease risk, expert claims

Swilling mouthwash each morning could raise your risk of heart disease, one of the world’s leading experts claims. Dr Nathan Bryan, based at the Universit... read more

Trump fired rally organizer over Phoenix crowd size

Donald Trump has angrily parted ways with the aide who was responsible for planning and producing hundreds of campaign rallies. The president told his security ... read more

Russia unveils its appropriately-named new anti-riot truck

The giant anti-riot vehicle is the work of Russia’s largest arms manufacturer which is behind the Kalashnikov Exact specifications of the monster have yet... read more

Russian ‘spies conspiring to assassinate Montenegro PM’

Surveillance footage of two Russian agents is being touted as proof that Moscow was involved in an attempt to assassinate the Prime Minister of Montenegro last ... read more

Global stock markets rattle after North Korea missile test

Global stock markets rattled and the dollar fell sharply Tuesday, as investors around the world were rattled by North Korea’s missile launch. U.S. stocks ... read more

Danish police scan inventor’s submarine for HIDDEN ROOMS

Danish police are re-examining the submarine where a female journalist – whose dismembered remains were later found dumped in the sea – is believed ... read more

Islands of fire ants floating in Houston floodwaters

Amid the horrific devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, several islands of fire ants have been spotted floating on the rising floodwaters in Houston. The fire... read more

Ditch that low fat diet, it’s worse for your health

Low-fat diets could increase the risk of an early death, a major study has found. A global study of 135,000 people reveals that people who eat the least fat hav... read more

Buddhist monk whacks another with an umbrella in Burma

The two monks had just got off a bus as they walked in Yangon, Burma on July 4  As they walk along arguing, one of the monks uses his umbrella to hit the other... read more

Uber to end post-trip tracking of riders

Uber is pulling a heavily criticised feature from its app that allowed it to track riders for up to five minutes after a trip, according to a new report. The ch... read more

Ford and Domino’s announce self-driving delivery tests

Ford and Domino’s have announced road tests for a self-driving pizza delivery service in Michigan. A fleet of research vehicles will begin deliveries in S... read more

Women dressed as nuns rob Pennsylvania bank

Two women held up Citizens Bank in Tannersville, Pennsylvania on Monday  They toted handbags and handguns and dressed in habits to carry off the heist One of t... read more

Woman trolls stranger who tried to role-play with her

A woman who was plagued with requests to take part in a ‘sexy’ virtual role-play by a stranger has taken her revenge by hilariously trolling the ... read more

North Korea expert Robert Kelly makes new analysis

A North Korea expert who became internet famous after his children interrupted his interview earlier this year has returned to TV to give his analysis on Kim Jo... read more

Woolworths owns up to putting dog biscuits in snack aisle

Woolworths has owned up to putting dog biscuits in the snack food aisle after a mother accidentally fed pet food to her children. Sydney mother-of-three Tania T... read more

Sydney Danny Lim sign call Tony Abbott c*** not offensive

A judge has ruled it is legal to call Tony Abbott a c*** because Australians don’t find the swear word as offensive as other English speaking countries. A... read more

Ask the pharmacist: Are steam inhalations a good idea?

Colin Dougall from LloydsPharmacy in Glasgow answers your medicine queries As part of a weekly series, in association with LloydsPharmacy, Colin Dougall from Ll... read more

Nuneaton ‘wife’ arrested after husband found dead at home

A 64-year-old woman has been arrested after a man, 65, was found dead at his home after ‘falling down the stairs’. The 65-year-old, named locally as... read more

Girl wanders alone in Hurricane Harvey Texas floodwaters

Shocking footage has emerged of a toddler wandering a flooded street alone in Pearland, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey. Renz Michael spotted the little girl wadi... read more

Would YOU eat chocolate enriched with olive oil?

Unusual duo also significantly raises levels of endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) EPCs are critical for blood vessel repair and function to prevent artery hard... read more

Murdered toddler died of multiple stab wounds

A toddler who was brutally murdered in his own home died from multiple stab wounds. The 23-month-old boy was discovered by police at a semi-detached home in Wyt... read more

Houston cancer clinic and trauma center suspend services

Hurricane Harvey has forced a cancer clinic and a trauma center to suspend services. Ben Taub Hospital, one of the nation’s busiest emergency departments ... read more