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Lord of the Flies adaptation will have ALL-GIRL cast

Warner Bros has come under fire from all sides after announcing a remake of The Lord of the Flies – with an all-girl cast. The Nobel-prize-winning 1956 no... read more

Irma is now a category 2 hurricane, with winds of 100mph

The newly upgraded Hurricane Irma – currently heading westward over the Atlantic Ocean – is now at category 2 strength and is ‘rapidly intensi... read more

Philips unveils its first ever Quantum Dot television

Pictured is the Avent uGrow digital parenting platform 1) Avent uGrow digital parenting platform The app features articles and advice from healthcare profession... read more

Lloyds and Barclays ‘attacked by British-Israeli hacker’

A British man has appeared in court accused of masterminding a wave of cyber attacks against two of the UK’s largest banks. Daniel Kaye, 29, was extradite... read more

North Korean soldiers told to steal corn for imminent war

Starving North Korean soldiers have been ordered to steal corn to ensure they are ‘combat ready’ for ‘imminent war’, it has been claimed... read more

Wells Fargo says 3.5 million accounts involved in scandal

The scope of Wells Fargo’s fake accounts scandal grew significantly on Thursday, with the bank now saying that 3.5 million accounts were potentially opene... read more

Whatsapp is DOWN users around the world left frustrated

WhatsApp has mysteriously stopped sending or receiving messages for users worldwide.  There are widespread problems across northern Europe, Mexico and Brazil, ... read more

Americans spend more on TAXES than food and clothes

Americans on average spent more of their income on taxes than they did on food and clothing combined in 2016, data has revealed. An average ‘consumer unit... read more

Brits stranded in Romania after Wizz Air cancels flight

Bob Jamieson (pictured), 70, has had to seek emergency medication after he ran out of insulin when his flight from Romania to Glasgow was cancelled Hundreds of ... read more

Baby bursts into tears when dad puts on Chewbacca mask

A hilarious video shows a nine-month-old boy from Las Vegas, Nevada, sitting happily on his dad’s lap The dad picks up a Chewbacca mask as the baby looks ... read more

South African student mistakenly receives £850,000

Sibongile Mani, 27, poses with a new bag on her arm after receiving the bonus funds A student who received a staggering £850,000 instead of her usual £85 mont... read more

Thug is kicked off Sheffield tram for Islamophobic tirade

A Britain First supporter has been kicked off a tram for launching a foul-mouthed Islamophobic tirade. Passengers on a Sheffield Supertram service reacted with ... read more

Inoculations give California frog a shot at life

Endangered California frogs are getting an immunity boost from scientists who are scooping them up from remote Sierra Nevada ponds and sending them to big city ... read more

Lanarkshire homeowner wins legal battle over 30ft trees

A homeowner who was plunged into darkness by her neighbour’s 30ft trees has emerged victorious from a four-year legal battle. Oonagh Waugh, 63, was locked... read more

Google critic axed from think tank associated with company

An influential American think tank reportedly fired a top analyst who was critical of Google’s market dominance after allegedly being pressured by the tec... read more

Russia flaunts might as elite marines join missile boats

Russia has been flaunting its military strength with training drills taking place in the Black Sea. Marines have undergone strict training in the cruel terrain ... read more

25 rescuers pull a father back onto a New Jersey beach

This dramatic footage shows the moment rescuers formed a human chain to save a father-of-four from a rip current. Pete Peterson, a vice president at Bellevue Co... read more

Radio host ‘ran Ponzi scheme, tried to cast spell on SEC’

A former radio host and financial adviser from Maryland has been charged with running a $20million Ponzi scheme, while hoping to cast a ‘black-magic’ spell ... read more

online dating is waste of time can’t predict who you fancy

Dating websites claim attraction can be predicted from the right combination of traitsm but a new study suggests singletons have little hope of finding true lov... read more

Bodies wash up in Bangladesh as Rohingya flee Burma

The bodies of two dozen refugees trying to flee the violence in Burma have washed up on the shores of Bangladesh in the last two days. Tens of thousands of Rohi... read more

Other people’s odours are key to human bonding

Just one whiff of another person’s body odour could be enough to fall in love, according to new research. It could also be key to the way humans bond and ... read more

Zara founder briefly replaces Bill Gates as richest man

The Spanish founder of the Zara fashion chain briefly overtook Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man – only to drop to third hours later when... read more

Don’t bother trying to stifle that yawn!

Yawning is so contagious that one sleepy person in a room can easily set off the rest. But anyone trying to stifle their yawns at a particularly dull work meeti... read more

Eighth suspect charged with ‘bodies in the box’ murders

Police have charged an eighth person with the bodies-in-the-box murders of a mother-of-three and her brother-in-law. The 28-year-old man from Auckland was charg... read more