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Aston Martin in £500m trade deal with Tokyo

Aston Martin announced plans for £500million of trade with Japan yesterday in a boost for the Prime Minister’s visit to the country. Theresa May said the lux... read more

Luton is named the worst UK airport by passengers

London Luton Airport has been named as the worst airport in the UK after recording the lowest customer satisfaction, according to new research. The Bedfordshire... read more

Scottish island became infamous after high-profile murder

A Scottish island which became famous for a high-profile murder case more than 50 years ago has been snapped up just weeks after it went on the market. Little R... read more

Horrifying video shows girl beingdragged into her house

Terrifying footage showing a 17-year-old girl being violently dragged inside her house during a daytime home-invasion was published to the Internet this week. ... read more

Credit card bills hit record high across Britain

Britain’s love affair with credit cards has reached new heights, with households spending a record £16.6billion last month. This was up from £16.1billion in... read more

Beware roads on Monday: Journeys could take 3 times longer

Journeys on the UK’s most popular roads could take more than three times longer than usual as the summer holidays end and children return to school, new figur... read more

Theresa May vows to stay and fight 2022 general election

Theresa May stunned MPs last night by vowing to stay on as Tory leader and fight the 2022 general election. The Prime Minister said she was ‘not a quitter’ ... read more

Britain rubbishes demand for £90bn EU divorce bill

David Davis is ready to warn EU leaders Brexit talks face collapse unless Brussels tears up its current demands for a ‘divorce bill’ David Davis is ready to... read more

Sir David Tang: The man who knew absolutely everyone

He was the best-connected man in London and counted the Duchess of York and Kate Moss as close friends — so how fitting that when Sir David Tang, who founded... read more

Wife of suspected penny loafer pervert brother disappeared

The only wife of the four suspected penny loafer pervert brothers disappeared after just three months of marriage, has learned exclusively. Sandra... read more

GOP lawmaker warns black Democrat she might ‘go missing’

A white Republican lawmaker in Georgia warned a black former Democratic colleague that she might ‘go missing’ near a swamp if she kept advocating fo... read more

Nine in ten MPs warn care system not fit for purpose

Nine in ten MPs believe the social care system is not fit for purpose, a poll suggests. Research also found 86 per cent of MPs in England believe a cross-party ... read more

Traffic jam as drivers stop to stare at homeless couple

Marissa Gelayne, from Florida, created a Facebook blog page called Trekk2017 where she has documented her and her fiance’s travels across Florida  A coup... read more

Kmart $49 beach trolley is a huge hit with mums

Another day, another Kmart item that has taken Australia by storm.  Mums across the country are now going crazy for the store’s $49 beach trolley, just o... read more

Trolls target family after anti-gay marriage advertisement

Heidi McIvor’s husband has received vitriolic comments online after publishing an anti-gay marriage ad in the local newspaper, of which he is the advertis... read more

Talk show Studio 10 reveals their worst celebrity guests

It’s the Channel 10 morning talk show celebrating its 1000th episode. And since its November 2013 debut, Studio 10 has welcomed a number of high-profile c... read more

Teacher warns parents against talking about diets to kids

Mothers should avoid talking about dieting in front of their daughters because it could make them more vulnerable to eating disorders, a girls’ school leader ... read more

Forget pencil cases, it’s iPads for back-to-school kids

Pupils returning to school are now more likely to get a new tablet device than pencil case, a study has found. Researchers found that 55 per cent of children ar... read more

Cameras so small they can fit on back of a bee developed

Bangor University experts have been working on lightweight backpacks for bees It is hoped the tiny cameras will help scientists find out how bees collect honey ... read more

Man shot 11 times with taser in Brent, London, walks away

Police fired controversial Taser stun guns 11 times at a crazed knifeman without any effect, it was revealed yesterday. Joshua Hyde, 30, brushed off barbs from ... read more

50 Nobel laureates reveal the greatest threats to mankind

A survey of 50 Nobel laureates asked about the greatest threats to mankind has revealed that environmental issues such as over-population and climate change are... read more

Are these Magic Leap’s $1.4 billion AR Glasses?

Magic Leap has just got closer to its long-rumored augmented reality glasses.  On Tuesday, the company – which is backed by $1.4 billion in funding ̵... read more

Researchers discover human skeleton from the last Ice Age

An ancient skeleton discovered in a Mexican cave could be one of the earliest examples of human settlement in the Americas, researchers have revealed. Isotopic ... read more

How to create a $1,000 outfit for under $100

While many believe they have to fork out thousands for a designer look, eco stylist Faye De Lanty is on a mission to prove why this is most certainly not the ca... read more