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Trump greets tourists at the White House and kisses a baby

President Trump surprised visitors at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Thursday When he walked into the room flanked by Secret Service members he made a beeline to p... read more

Video captures Bath amputee toddler taking first steps

This heartwarming video captures a mother’s ecstatic reaction as her quadruple-amputee daughter takes her first steps on prosthetic legs. Harmonie-Rose Al... read more

Travellers can sleep for $30 a night at Mexico airport

An unusual ‘hotel’ has opened up for tired travellers at an airport in Mexico City – with bosses offering new capsules for people to sleep in.... read more

Female deputy DA beaten after gang attack in California

A female district attorney from San Bernardino, California, was found bloody and beaten after going for a jog on Thursday morning. Authorities say the employee ... read more

McCain clobbers Trump in op-ed as ‘poorly informed’

Sen. John McCain put out a long-form installment of his running back-and-forth with President Donald Trump, writing an op-ed that branded the president as ̵... read more

Trump will cut pay raises for federal employees in 2018

The president told Congress on Thursday that he plans to slash federal workers’ pay raises to save money in 2018. In a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan a... read more

Doctors warn regulations needed after botched boob job

Doctors have warned patients will remain at risk in unregulated Australian beauty clinics should appropriate rules not be put in place for sedation. Professor D... read more

Kenyan village leader tells horrors that made her ban men

A Kenyan woman who nearly died from horrific complications while being forced to undergo a female genital mutilation at the age of 12 has detailed the moment sh... read more

US-backed fighters liberate Raqqa’s Old City

Syrian Democratic Forces spokesman Talal Sello said troops had seized Old City ‘We are on the edges of ISIS’s security quarter in the city centre,&#... read more

FEMAIL speaks to cookbook author Vicky Bhogal

‘I care about seeing so much food go to waste, but also people feeling stuck with knowing what to do with ingredients in their kitchen.  ‘I feel ve... read more

Labor Senator Katy Gallagher ‘no doubt’ Ecuadorean citizen

Ecauador’s former president claims Katy Gallagher is ‘no doubt’ Ecuadorian  Hernan Perez Loose said her mother was born in Ecuador, making he... read more

Thousands attend Birdsville racing carnival in Queensland

Thousands of people have flocked to a remote town far west Queensland to celebrate the first day of the annual outback festival. The Birdsville Races, located o... read more

Houston chemical plant monitored after explosion and fire

At least two tons of highly unstable chemicals used in the production of plastics and paint blew up and burned at a flooded plant near Houston, sending up a plu... read more

NFL players’ union sues over Elliott’s 6-game domestic ban

The NFL players’ union came to the defense of embattled Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott by suing the league in an attempt to vacate his upcomi... read more

MA woman jailed in text suicide case plans to appeal

Here are a series of texts between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy that were shown to the court. They appear here chronologically: June 19, 2014: Carter: ‘... read more

Mother not allowed to breastfeed in Belfast Pizza Express

Lisa Wilson was on her first day out with her baby and partner Connor Morrison Sat down at Pizza Express in Belfast for lunch and asked for a booth to feed son... read more

Grundig smart mirror connects to scales and shows weight

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be easy to shy away from the dreaded weighing scales. But a new device could force you to look at your weight every ... read more

Femail details Labor Day 2017 Beauty Product Sales

Labor Day is Monday, September 4, 2017, in the U.S.  Find out where and when you can find the best savings on make-up, skincare,  and hair products this weeke... read more

93-year-old to leave $22 million in her will to German zoo

Elizabeth Reichert, 93, has revealed that she will leave $22 million in her will to Cologne Zoological Garden, a zoo in Germany. The German-born widow told the... read more

Harvey victims return home to survey the damage

As Harvey’s floodwaters finally began to recede in Houston on Thursday, thousands of evacuees started to return home to assess the damage.  Some were luc... read more

Baby evacuated ahead of WWII bomb detonation in Frankfurt

Thousands of Frankfurt residents have begun to evacuate the city ahead of the defusal of an unexploded World War II bomb. The 1,800-kg British bomb, nicknamed ... read more

$5,000 Alexander Wang bag looks like a wad of cash

There’s nothing subtle about Alexander Wang’s new collaboration with handbag designer Judith Leiber: It says, ‘I’ve got money.’ In... read more

Maverick barbers in Egypt set their clients heads on fire

A barber in Egypt has come up with an innovative way to straighten men’s hair – by setting it on fire.  The frightening-looking technique makes for... read more

Britain’s most notorious honour killing re-told in show

The tragic story of Britain’s most notorious honour killing has been re-told for a heartbreaking documentary. Banaz Mahmod, 20, was brutally murdered on t... read more