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Cat owners share hilarious Snapchats of their pets

While they have a reputation as refined pets, it seems that cats do have a mischievous side. In a new online gallery pet owners are sharing photos of their chee... read more

Sydney’s new Costco store offers incredible deals

Warehouse giant Costco opened the doors to its third Sydney store this week offering hugely discounted prices on a range of bulk goods and unusual products.  T... read more

A guide to at-home exercises for every stage of pregnancy

Want to stay active in pregnancy? The below guide takes you through the exercises you can safely do at home during every trimester. Providing you are not suffer... read more

Holiday Inn refuses to let Texas family’s dogs in hotel

A family in Texas was left outraged after a Holiday Inn refused to let their three dogs sleep in their hotel room as they sought refuge from the rising floods o... read more

Katy Perry lawsuit from stagehand whose toe was amputated

Katy Perry has been sued by a stagehand who claimed she lost a toe while working on her tour. Christina Fish in a lawsuit said she was hired as a stagehand for ... read more

Cyclist left with gaping wound after gang bottle attack

Carl Freestone (pictured) was riding home from the pub on his bike when a group of thugs attacked him A cyclist was left with a bone poking out of his elbow aft... read more

Robert Mugabe denies he cast an ‘evil spell’

Robert Mugabe has dismissed claims he is a witch after speculation he poisoned the vice president of Zimbabwe with an evil spell. Emmerson Mnangagwa, 74, had to... read more

US looking into whether Uber bribed foreign officials

The US Justice Department is investigating whether Uber broke American laws against bribing foreign officials to promote business interests, the company has con... read more

Shafilea Ahmed’s parents gave away guilt with single nod

A mother and father who murdered their daughter because she would not embrace their Pakistani culture and then claimed they were being racially victimised were ... read more

Greens Jonathan Sri blames cyclists for Brisbane crash

Greens councillor is slammed for blaming cyclists for Brisbane crash with a car Five cyclists were hospitalised Friday when a turning car slammed into them   B... read more

Melbourne house bought for $6000 sells for $1.16m

More than four decades after being traded for $6,000, an aging red brick home has been sold for a staggering $1.16million. The well-worn single-storey house in ... read more

Leeds Festival-goer ‘who had her drink spiked’ has seizure

A festival-goer has urged partiers to be aware of the dangers of having their drinks spiked as she releases shocking footage of herself with her eyes rolled int... read more

Rani Vincent, 30, suffer brain haemorrhage in Vancouver

Rani Vincent (pictured) has revealed how she suffered a brain haemorrhage just moments after getting off a flight in Vancouver A 30-year-old woman has opened u... read more

NZ librarian order to pay principal $100,000 if no apology

A school librarian that accused a principal of being a ‘monster’, ‘saboteur’ and a bully has been given an ultimatum by a New Zealand ju... read more

NZ tradie charges men 12% more to address gender pay gap

An electrician is combating the gender pay gap by giving his female customers a 12 per cent discount for his services. Brad Kul from Auckland sparked a storm on... read more

Drink driver races through a red light in Bolton

This is the moment a drink driver smashed into a taxi after jumping a red light. Samuel Olaitan, 32, was found to be nearly double the legal drink driving limit... read more

Tracey Cox on why she didn’t find ‘the one’ until her 50s

She’s forged a successful career offering sage relationship advice to others, but at 50 Tracey Cox found herself single and longing to snuggle in front of... read more

Mother who ‘wrapped son in cotton wool’ killed herself

Mother Susan Underwood, 38, had a violent row with those who gave her son cannabis A doting mother who ‘wrapped her son in cotton wool’ killed herse... read more

Australia most outrageous television moments

The finale of the hit channel ten comedy Hamish And Andy’s True Story drew the ire of viewers on Tuesday thanks to a storyline that dealt with an unsavour... read more

Mother and daughter rejected from Ryanair Alicante flight

A mother and daughter had to sleep on the floor of Alicante airport when Ryanair rejected their hand luggage for their return flight, for being half an inch too... read more

Koalas nearly driven to extinction after legal hunting

Koalas nearly became extinct after legal hunting in Australia saw up to 800,000 killed for fur sent to the United States. Almost 90 years ago this month, Willia... read more

E-cigarette use by teenagers doesn´t lead to smoking

There is no evidence that experimentation with e-cigarettes leads to teenagers taking up smoking tobacco, a large study has found. Just three per cent of childr... read more

Houston grandmother rescued on a jetski from Harvey floods

This heartwarming image shows a smiling grandmother being rescued from her Houston home on the back of a jetski after it was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. A ... read more

Gaza man cured of ‘tree man disease’ after a decade

Israeli doctors have cured a man suffering from ‘tree man disease’. Mohammed Taluli, 42, from Gaza, was plagued by the rare condition for a decade &... read more