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Princess Diana mourners gather outside Kensington Palace

The patterns are well-established for the marking of most royal landmarks, be they jubilees, weddings, funerals or a new addition to the line of succession. Die... read more

Britons admit they don’t know what basic road signs mean

For many of the country’s motorists learning to drive will be a distant memory. And according to new research, millions of licence holders have forgotten ... read more

Walking a dog does wonders for your MENTAL health

Walking a dog is as good for the owner as it is for their pet, according to the most in-depth study on the activity to date. The research published on Thursday ... read more

Jerry Springer is ‘considering’ a run for Ohio governor

Jerry Springer is considering a run for Ohio governor, a close friend said on Wednesday. Northern Kentucky’s Jene Galvin, who co-hosts a weekly podcast wi... read more

More than a third of house movers suffer broadband issues

More than a third of people who move house are experiencing delays in the set-up of their broadband, according to a report. Citizens Advice found that people mo... read more

LA health worker is fighting the spread of syphilis

Roberto Rocha, a supervising health investigator, will go as far as staking out a donut shop, talking with gang members or even banging on grandma’s door ... read more

Ole Miss cancels event over banana peel found in tree

A Greek Life retreat at the University of Mississippi was scrapped last weekend after African-American students discovered a banana peel in a tree, raising raci... read more

NYC officer accidentally shoots US marshal in Jersey City

A group of officers were out looking for Javan Reaves, 25, who is wanted for robbery on Thursday morning in Jersey City As they approached the house that they b... read more

Sheepdogs protect 90 sheep for 20 days during wildfires

As the wildfires blazed through the eastern part of Canada, thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes and find safety. For Lynn Landry and her hus... read more

Test reveals how your perception compares to others’

From the cartoonish expression of a USB plug, to the sight of Jesus in a slice of toast, there are hidden faces all around us – but, only some people can see ... read more

Miranda Lambert helps rescue over seventy dogs from Texas

Country super star Miranda Lambert is doing her part to help those suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which has ravaged her home state of Texas, by he... read more

Dog that was nearly euthanized now saving lives in Texas

Several years after being rescued, a one-time shelter dog has become a rescuer himself – heading down to Texas with his handler to help those affected by the ... read more

Cambridgeshire spa boss denies sexually assaulting client

Kerry Brocklebank at Cambridge Crown Court today where she is on trial facing charges of sexual assault, battery and perverting the course of justice A health s... read more

Missouri lawmaker angers politicians after offensive post

Rep. Warren Love shared in a Facebook post on Wednesday that he hoped vandals who destroyed a Confederate monument were ‘hung from a tall tree’  A ... read more

Seattle police officers shot pregnant woman seven times

Charleena Lyles (pictured) was nearly four months pregnant on June 18 when two cops shot her dead in her apartment, after she called to report a robbery   The ... read more

Boris Johnson takes to anti-pirate boat on trip to Nigeria

Boris Johnson was pictured racing across water in an anti-pirate vessel alongside Navy personnel during a trip to Nigeria. He can be seen taking the wheel on t... read more

Frankel calls on Real Housewives for hurricane relief

They may go through their fair share of drama and even have several fractured friendships between each other. But the Real Housewives casts can come together fo... read more

California man pleads guilty to smuggling $3M of abalone

Yon Pon Wong admitted to illegally smuggling $3million worth of abalone He shipped the mollusk from Mexico 43 times over three years to California Abalone is ve... read more

Read Apple’s letter to the FCC about net neutrality

Apple has released a powerful statement on net neutrality that says the ‘internet is too important to be left unprotected.’ The firm’s US head... read more

Tatler compiles list of the ‘nine poshest things’ in Ikea

It may specialise in affordable flat pack furniture for the masses. But that clearly doesn’t stop Ikea accommodating for society’s upper echelons. For socie... read more

Fox Sports fires Pete Rose over sex with minor in 1970s

Pete Rose has been fired from Fox Sports over allegations he had sex with an underage girl in the 1970s. The former Cincinnati Reds star has not been asked back... read more

80 trillion pixel interactive cloudless Earth image

It is a stunning view of Earth, without a single cloud in sight. Made up of over 80 trillion pixels, the stunning interactive image reveals what our planet look... read more

Spice users talk about using the Zombie drug

Slumped and stupefied in busy town centres, the Spice addicts in these photographs provide graphic proof of the drug’s dehumanising effects. One is double... read more

‘Signs of a bad restaurant’ trending on Twitter

Diners are sharing their most helpful, and occasionally obvious, advice for avoiding bad restaurants on Twitter. And from the looks of their pictures — and s... read more