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Politician Gareth Ward embroiled in NY hotel scam 

Australian politician Gareth Ward has reportedly fallen victim to a scam The 37-year-old from NSW allegedly asked for a ‘special massage’ at a NY ho... read more

Dog climbs over a man’s shoulders to get a sip of his wine

Otis is a sheepadoodle from Washington, DC, with 25,000 Instagram followers A hilarious video shows the one-year-old desperately trying to get a drink of red wi... read more

Five foreign criminals a day are freed on to UK streets

Killer Hani Khalaf was free to live in the UK despite falsely claiming to be a Syrian refugee when he arrived in Kent hidden in a lorry Five foreign criminals a... read more

Does the Pravana Color-Changing Hair Dye Work?

In the 1970s, mood rings were invented. Despite a color-coded key that allegedly matched the hue of the ring with the mood of the person wearing it, the only ma... read more

$50m lawsuit filed against trooper who tasered a boy, 15,

On Saturday evening, 15-year-old Demond Grimes died after crashing his four-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle into a pickup truck Grimes crashed after Michigan State... read more

Sir Terry Pratchett’s 10 unfinished novels destroyed

A hard drive containing Sir Terry Pratchett’s unpublished works has been destroyed by a steamroller, just as the late author wanted. Following his death i... read more

Girl with omphalocele goes home after 650-days in hospital

A toddler went home for the first time on Tuesday after spending the first 650 days of her life in the hospital.  Naomi Hawks was born 21 months ago in Omaha, ... read more

Black Hawk crew rescues family from Texas flood

Video has emerged showing a Black Hawk helicopter crew rescuing a family of five from the Houston flooding  The video shows two rescuers running to the banks o... read more

Salim Mehajer shows off gold Gucci sneakers wedding ring

Disgraced former deputy mayor Salim Mehajer has taken to Instagram once again to show off his extravagant taste. Mehajer, 31, who has been in the US for one wee... read more

‘Easy money’ made selling weapons stolen by US soldiers

A Tennessee man is on trial for stealing more than $1million in weapons parts and sensitive military equipment from Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  The weapons were ... read more

Cat dodges death twice after falling from car in Russia

Video shows the animal tumble from the muffler of a vehicle in Irkutsk, Russia It then scrambles frantically as it struggles to get out of the path of another c... read more

L’Oreal sued by former monk for using patented technology

A former Roman Catholic monk has accused cosmetics giant L’Oreal of stealing patented technology in an anti-aging wrinkle cream that his charity was selli... read more

Experts say AIs are set to take over customer support

It’s so hard to speak to a real person on the phone these days.  Almost any time you need to call your bank, doctor or any other service, you’ll pr... read more

Ex-Apple worker ’embezzled $243K from employer’

Indicted: Toni Ann Branca, 41, an administrative assistant for Apple, is accused of embezzling $243,000 from the company using her employer-issued credit card... read more

Day four marks halfway of annual Burning Man festival

Day four of the annual Burning Man Festival arrived, marking the halfway point of the eclectic arts celebration. Glimpses of the event have been making their ro... read more

Unruly Hawaiian Airlines passenger must pay $98,000

A drunk airline passenger from New Jersey who threatened to kill his girlfriend, her three children along with other passengers and the flight crew has been tol... read more

Don’t talk about fad diets in front of teenage girls

Fionnuala Kennedy, who teaches at the £18,000-a-year Wimbledon High School, felt compelled to write to students’ families after watching Netflix drama To... read more

Hot felon nicknamed ‘Prison Bae’ gets modeling contract

Another felon’s mugshot has taken social media by storm, landing him a modeling contract. Mekhi Alante Lucky, 20, from North Carolina, has been signed wit... read more

Funeral for Dym murder-suicide family in New York City

Hundreds of mourners gathered Wednesday morning to attend the joint funeral of a New York City real estate executive and the wife and daughter that he killed be... read more

Chris Christie blasts Ted Cruz for Hurricane Sandy vote

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Chris Christie attacked Texas Senator Ted Cruz for voting against a $50 billion Hurricane Sandy relief package. The New Jersey... read more

Preschooler found crying in car as driver overdoses

A preschooler in Florida was found in the backseat of a van, crying as the driver slumped in the front in an apparent opiate overdose, authorities say. Accordin... read more

Birmingham shopkeeper faces down armed raiders TWICE

Shopkeeper Kam Tanda had no time to think calmly. Heart racing, adrenaline pumping as he faced a robber armed with a gun, all he could think about was his infan... read more

Adorable video shows two pups who love to be vacuumed

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but when it comes to sharing their puppy love, two very particular golden retrievers prefer the affection of a vacuum clean... read more

Immigrant workers rescued from forced labor in California

Nearly a dozen immigrant workers were rescued from a forced labor ring in Northern California early Tuesday morning. The office of U.S. Attorney Brian Stretch s... read more