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Social media of Kmart mothers secret to homeware success

Kmart’s homeware range has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years thanks to its stylish but affordable products. But cheap prices and sleek looks... read more

Tiny hatchback almost squashed by truck at intersection

Running an amber light can get you a big fine, but it was almost a lot worse for one driver who followed the letter of the law. Shocking dashcam footage from NS... read more

Thousands flock to Filipino boy Kian Delos Santos’ funeral

Thousands of Filipinos have flocked to the funeral of a schoolboy who was shot dead by police and dumped next to a pigsty to protest President Rodrigo Duterte&#... read more

Spurned lover surprises girlfriend with engagement ring

Andrei Pavel had splashed out on an engagement ring and bunch of flowers to surprise girlfriend Andrea Nagy at her workplace A 25-year-old man punched his girlf... read more

Mother launches sickening attack on her PREGNANT daughter

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  Sickening footage shot in Brazil shows the cruel mother attacking her daughter She pins the 17-year-old down to the ground after tell... read more

Cheltenham’s No 38 The Park hotel is a luxe, leafy getaway

Rating: A friend has been going on about No. 38 The Park and its sister hotel No. 131, and the glories of Cheltenham itself.  Arriving in a taxi from the stati... read more

Dareen Barbar, 39, leg amputated after cancer diagnosis

A mother-of-two who lost her leg to bone cancer when she was a teenager has revealed what life is really like living with a prosthetic limb. Dareen Barbar, who ... read more

Woman shares her heart break after having a miscarriage

A Melbourne woman has written about her harrowing experience with miscarriage to help others understand the emotions and the journey that women may go through. ... read more

Groom interrupts wedding day to play a game of football

A Newcastle man has interrupted the biggest day of his life to captain his football team to victory. Just ninety minutes after Simon O’Brien married his s... read more

Are health trends really good for you?

We’ve all been there: you took it too far last weekend, so now it’s time to be ‘healthy’. In 2017, that probably means turning to a gree... read more

Advertisers move away from using white, straight customers

Advertisers are moving away from using pictures of white and straight couples for fear of offending gay people or being accused of homophobia. Marketing departm... read more

‘Drunk’ Ryanair yobs are thrown off Ibiza-bound flight

Seven men were hauled off the plane for alleged loutish behaviour on the flight  A witness who filmed the shocking incident said the men were arguing with staf... read more

Female Japanese undertaker wins corpse-dressing contest

A 23-year-old undertaker has won a contest at Japan’s biggest funeral exhibition testing the ancient art of dressing the dead. Rino Terai beat three othe... read more

3-bed property for sale in Cornwall for £55k

The 3-bed property is in the popular Cornish coastal town of Looe and comes with stunning views of the harbour It has a price tag of £55k, and estate agents sa... read more

Air hostess forced to quit after posting about Rita Ora

An air hostess claims she felt forced to quit her job with Virgin Atlantic after praising one of the airline’s first-class flyers. Charlotte Whittingham, ... read more

Labour MP Jess Phillips gets 600 rape threats in one day

Labour MP Jess Phillips in her Parliamentary office A Labour MP says she has hit ‘peak block, peak mute’ on Twitter, receiving hundreds of death and... read more

Great British Bake Off hopeful is former Afghan war hero

She’s making her television debut on Tuesday as a contestant on the hotly anticipated Great British Bake Off.  But Sophie Faldo, 33, is an Afghan war her... read more

Kangaroo interrupts family barbeque to have a good scratch

Kangaroo seen scratching his lower body at a picnic sport in a Perth park Marsupial vigourously addressed his itch in full view of families at barbeque He had ... read more

Salim Mehajer’s cryptic Instagram post interesting reveal

Former Auburn deputy mayor council Salim Mehajer made the most of new bail conditions by jetting off to Los Angeles this week. But the controversial property de... read more

Democrats say Al Franken could be talked into running

Add another Democrat to the long list of ‘potential’ presidential candidates: Former Saturday Night Live comedian Sen. Al Franken could get talked i... read more

Man shot by cops arrested on aggravated assault on police

Joshua Cobin (pictured), 29, was arrested for aggravated assault against police Authorities in Arizona say they have arrested a man who was filmed being shot in... read more

Homeowner shoots intruder in Texas during hurricane

Police in Corpus Christi, Texas reported late Friday that a man was shot during an alleged burglary just as a Category 4 hurricane made landfall nearby The Corp... read more

Texans who stayed behind told to write name and SSN on arm

Residents who did not evacuate a Texas coastal town ahead of Hurricane Harvey have been asked to write their name and social security number on their arm to hel... read more

Fire burns down Brisbane’s Inala shopping centre

A suspicious fire burned down a whole shopping centre, destroying up to 15 shops including the suburb’s biggest doctor’s surgery. The fire tore thro... read more