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Third day of Burning Man brings participants into Temple

The third day of the Burning Man festival on Wednesday was marked by the traditional acts of remembrance inside the Temple before it is burned to the ground. Co... read more

Flirtatious messages leads to ethnics investigation

Major General Joseph P. Harrington Commander of US operations in Africa Suggestive messages sent by an US Army general to the wife of an enlisted subordinate ha... read more

Deer goes on rampage in Melbourne funeral home

A 250 kilogram deer caused over $100,000 to a Melbourne funeral home   The feral deer chased a worker into Tobin Brothers Funerals at Ringwood Not uncommon to... read more

Mom goes viral with post about former partner’s ex

A mother has penned an inspiring post explaining that her former partner’s ex-girlfriend will always be a part of her and her daughter’s lives despi... read more

Woman whose ear piercing led to infection issues warning 

It’s the stylish piercing beloved by celebrities and It girls. But one young woman’s helix piercing experience quickly turned into the stuff of horr... read more

internet outrage woman posts small engagement ring photo

An Australian woman who posted a photo online of her engagement ring has come under fire for complaining about its size. The woman took to Twitter to share a sn... read more

Crowds close streets outside Lakemba Mosque on Eid Al-Adha

Thousands of Muslims congregated at Lakemba Mosque on Friday morning to celebrate Eid Al-Adha.  Pictures show streets full of worshipers standing behind prayer... read more

Jill Meagher’s killer Adrian Bayley ‘stabbed in prison’

A serial rapist serving a life sentence for the  brutal murder of Jill Meagher has been stabbed in a fight with an inmate in Victoria’s notorious Barwon ... read more

School newsletter tells parents vote against gay marriage

Students are angry their elite Melbourne high school published a notice in its newsletter urging parents to vote against gay marriage. St Peter’s College ... read more

Grammar school gave lesson on how to walk in high heels

A prestigious school in Victoria offered ‘modern etiquette classes’ to its students, which involved teaching the schoolgirls how to wear high heels.... read more

Houston mayor declares city has turned a corner

The mayor of Houston has said the flooded city has turned a corner after electricity was restored to much of the area and shelter numbers were beginning to decl... read more

Glenn Archer guilty of assault of junior footy umpire

Aussie Rules legend Glenn Archer pleads guilty to assault of junior footy umpire  North Melbourne board member allegedly jumped fence during son’s match... read more

Fears for girl 14 after she didn’t come home from school

A desperate search is underway a 14-year-old Canberra girl who is missing  She was last seen on Thursday leaving Melba High School around 3:20pm  Kristy-Leigh... read more

Woman spent $500 styling entire home Kmart shares tips

Glance through Helen James’s home and you’d be forgiven for thinking the 33-year-old from Melbourne has forked out thousands of dollars on her envia... read more

Paul Anka’s model wife fights custody to see her son

The ex-wife of 1950s crooner Paul Anka is challenging a court ruling that says she cannot see her own son without the singer’s permission. Anna Aberg, 46,... read more

Lexington mayor asks cemetery to take Confederate statues

Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, is pushing to remove two Confederate statues in the city and relocate them to a cemetary The mayor of Kentucky’... read more

Punter beats 12000 other entries to win Newcastle pub

A lucky punter who entered a raffle for $25 just hours before entries closed has won himself an entire Newcastle pub in a prize package worth $195,000.  Guy A... read more

Apollo data solves mystery of the moonquakes

Researchers believe they may have solved the long running mystery of how quakes happen hundreds of miles under the lunar surface. They say the same gravitationa... read more

Meet the Beverly Hills cop who cheated on wife with Mel B

This is the dashing Beverly Hills cop who has been cheating on his young wife with former Spice Girl Mel B. Police officer Ryan Lawrence, who is a hostage and c... read more

Justice department outlines fraud case against Menendez

Bob Menendez faces a corruption trial next week with Salomon Melgen  Prosecutors say Melgen donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Menendez’s p... read more

Twitter goes wild over man feeding his girlfriend chicken

A man has unknowingly set the bar for doting boyfriends everywhere after he was photographed feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she was getting her na... read more

French President Macron backs EU negotiator Barnier 

Emmanuel Macron rubbished claims he will soon begin Brexit talks with the UK It comes following growing frustration with EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barn... read more

Joel Osteen insists his megachurch was at risk of flooding

Pastor Joel Osteen has no intention of apologizing even as he continue to face withering criticism over his decision not to immediately open the doors of his Ho... read more

David Emanuel slams Paul Burrell over Diana secrets

Close friend of Princess Diana David Emanuel says her former butler Paul Burrell exaggerated how close he was to her. The designer, who made her 1981 wedding d... read more