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Britain is home to up to 35,000 Islamic fanatics

Britain is home to up to 35,000 fanatical Islamists of whom 3,000 are ‘worrying’ for the security service MI5, Europe’s top anti-terrorism of... read more

Bee Shaffer and Francesco Carrozzini holiday in Italy

As the offspring of two legendary fashion editors, it was only natural that they would celebrate their engagement with a stylish sun-drenched trip in Italy. And... read more

Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles leave Balmoral

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and Prince Charles chose to spend the significant day with the Queen and Prince Philip at Balm... read more

Winchester man killed his lover niece with TV set

A man has been convicted of murdering his niece – who was also his lover – by smashing a TV over her head. Now Christopher Wall, 58, is facing a lif... read more

Dancing duo fails at flip as woman hits the floor hard

A video of a couple dancing ends painfully when a flip goes awry The two are performing a routine in a living room when the man drops the woman mid-flip and she... read more

Man who lost family members in Harvey recounts phone call

The father who lost his parents and four grandchildren when their van drowned in the Houston floods has recalled the heartbreaking moment he found out they had ... read more

The Ark of the Covenant could have held pagan gods

It was an ornate case believed to have been built 3,000 years ago by the Israelites to house stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written. But now, ... read more

Honeybees become workers or queens depending on diet

Plant molecules that regulate genes help determine whether or not bee larvae are destined to become royalty, research has shown. Bee larvae born to be workers c... read more

French unions to strike over Macron’s labour reform plans

France’s communist-backed CGT union has called for strike action ahead of planed labour reformed by newly-elected president Francois Macron. Philippe Mart... read more

Met Police spark fury with mental health tweet

A police officer in Lewisham tweeted the controversial message yesterday  Mental health campaigner criticised the officer’s view on dealing with ill peop... read more

Oregon ranchers forced to ‘debark’ Tibetan Mastiffs

Oregon Ranchers have been ordered to have their huge Tibetan mastiffs ‘debarked’ after losing a lawsuit, stated in a court ruling. Dale and Debra Kr... read more

Michael Phelps’ wife Nicole shows off her baby bump

Just a few days after Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole revealed they have another baby on the way, the expectant mom showed off her growing baby bump in a for... read more

A widower is helped by community to spread wive’s ashes

A community in Waterville, Maine, helped a man fulfill his late wife’s goal of traveling across the country together. Keith Smith drove with his dog Zoey ... read more

Former VA worker convicted of sexual battery of patients

A former physician’s assistant at a Veteran’s Administration hospital in Kansas has been convicted of sex crimes against four patients. Jurors found... read more

Police hunt brunette woman after Kent man left assaulted

Victim was walking along street when a car drove past before pulling up by him The group who had been in the car ran up the road and assaulted the victim  Susp... read more

RAF Typhoons and Tornados take out ISIS jihadis in Iraq

New footage captures the moment RAF fighter pilots take out a truck carrying ISIS jihadis in Iraq as part of an onslaught which liberated a province from the te... read more

Amazon hit with class action lawsuit over eclipse glasses

A South Carolina couple are suing Amazon over claims that the eclipse glasses they bought through the online retailer damaged their eyes.  Corey Payne and his ... read more

U.S. orders closure of three Russian diplomatic offices

The State Department fired what it hopes will be the last shot in the ongoing diplomatic spat with Russia, demanding the nearly immediate closure of three Russi... read more

Moment a sign crashes down in heavy winds in China

The incident took place today in Dongguan City, China It’s thought the screws on the billboard were loose causing it to blow over Dongguan was also hit by... read more

Nigerian girl ‘lured to UK over education kept as slave’

A woman lured to the UK believing she would receive a free education and a better life was kept as a slave for more than a decade, a court heard.   Afolake Ad... read more

Nearly 700 complaints of price gouging during Harvey

The Texas Attorney General’s Office is investigating hundreds of complaints of businesses hiking up prices to exploit Houstonians grappling with the after... read more

Astonishing skills of six-year-old golfer with ONE ARM

A six-year-old golfer who was born with one arm after suffering blood complications in the womb is taking the sport by storm. Young Tommy Morrissey is undefeat... read more

Fury as Scottish Government approves Judy Murray project

Judy Murray plans to open a sports academy in Dunblane, with 12 tennis courts and a hotel Residents have been left furious after the Scottish Government voted t... read more

Kellyanne defends Melania’s stilettos | Daily Mail Online

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway blasted liberals who criticized first lady Melania Trump’s sky-high heels that she wore as she left the White ... read more