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NSW mother of boy fuming at class being secretly filmed

A mother has revealed she was ‘fuming’ to find out on the internet that a kindergarten classroom at her son’s primary school was being monitor... read more

Lawyer fined for killing siblings in Sunshine Coast crash

A lawyer who killed a brother and sister by colliding with their car will be back on the road in three months with just a $3,000 fine. Donald George Gayler̵... read more

Plastic surgeons attach leeches to nipples of Tawny Kitaen

They’ve been used in medicine since ancient times, but these days, leeches aren’t often required on the operating table. But when doctors needed to ... read more

Woman writes book revealing how she cured chronic insomnia

A chronic insomniac has cured herself after over a decade of sleepless nights, and hundreds of pounds wasted on sleep aids and supposed ‘cures’. Sarah Plate... read more

PHE: Flu vaccines work in children but NOT the elderly

Last winter’s flu vaccine reduced the risk of infection among youngsters by 66%  This made it eight per cent more effective than the previous year’... read more

Photos of life in 1980s Italy encapsulate la dolce vita

Italy has long been famous for its laid-back approach to living, widely known as ‘la dolce vita’, or ‘the good life’. And these pictures... read more

Natalie Roser shows off pins at Myer Melbourne launch

She’s one of Australia’s most sought after models who has never been shy about showing off her famous figure. And Natalie Roser looked stunning when... read more

Sydney killer falls asleep while victim’s mother speaks

A man who killed a recent university graduate in a drunken one-punch attack fell asleep as his victim’s devastated mother spoke in court. Hugh Bacalla Gar... read more

Police charge into migrants at metro station in Barcelona

Migrant groups were said to be selling goods illegally on the streets beforehand Man was said to be refused entry to a train by a security guard who called poli... read more

Flu outbreak sweeps Victoria nursing home leaving 100 sick

An influenza outbreak has swept through a regional Victorian aged care home The residents, aged 70 to 94, died at Wangaratta’s St John’s Retirement ... read more

Getty curator Melanie Hough reveals Diana’s style choices

She was the most photographed woman in the world, and flourished under the spotlight from from shy teenage Sloane in tweed to a symbol of ultimate elegance. Pri... read more

woman posts small engagement ring not engaged herself

The woman who earned the ire of the internet after she posted a picture of a ‘small’ engagement ring online – alongside five crying emojis ... read more

Police stop man at Brisbane Airport for suspect footwear

A man has been stopped by police at Brisbane Airport for his questionable attire Australian Federal Police took to Facebook to ridicule an aspect of his outfit ... read more

Victim of ‘botched boob job by Chinese tourist’ dies

The woman who suffered cardiac arrest during a botched cosmetic breast operation performed by a Chinese tourist has died in a Sydney hospital. Jean Huang, 35, d... read more

Footage shows kangaroo blocked from its home in Perth

Kangaroo struggled to find its way home after construction fencing went up  Footage shows the Kangaroo hopping around in Golden Bay, south of Perth A local r... read more

People share hilariously bad superfan tattoos

When you’re a huge fan of a musician or a film star, getting a tattoo of their image is surely the ultimate symbol of devotion. But it takes a great level... read more

Debate after mum smacks her toddler in front of Woolworths

An outraged mum has sparked a debate about spanking children after she spotted a fellow mother giving her own child a few smacks on the bottom outside a Woolwor... read more

Cherokee Nation Freedmen have right to tribal citizenship

Descendants of black slaves, known as freedmen, who once were owned by members of the Cherokee Nation have a right to tribal citizenship under a ruling handed d... read more

Couple who met online a decade ago get engaged

A couple who struck up a friendship when they were teenagers playing an online game on opposite sides of the world have gotten engaged a decade later.  Derek Z... read more

US Army general’s messages leads to ethics investigation

Major General Joseph P. Harrington Commander of US operations in Africa Suggestive messages sent by an US Army general to the wife of an enlisted subordinate ha... read more

New Zealand giant spider stuns farmer and his friend

A New Zealand farmer and his friend have had the fright of their lives after discovering a huge mysterious spider sitting precariously close to his front door. ... read more

William Tyrrell’s mother Karlie pictured as she stays mum

William Tyrrell’s biological mother has stepped out in public a week after she was finally revealed as the missing boy’s parent.  Karlie Tyrrell wa... read more

Hundreds of family and friends pay tribute to Hannah Rye

Hannah Rye made headlines earlier this year when she was escorted to her Year 10 formal by NRL Newcastle Knights player Trent Hodkinson. She told media outlets ... read more

Masked bandits use sledgehammers to break into bakery

CCTV footage has captured the moment two masked bandits broke into a bakery Two men smashed their way into the Hampton Park shop in the early hours  The pair s... read more