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Sandra Bullock donates $1m to Hurricane Harvey victims

Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Harvey on Tuesday. The actress is part of a movement of celebrities donating res... read more

Queensland woman has not spent a dollar for over two years

A Queensland woman has revealed she has lived for two years without spending a single dollar. Just over two years ago Jo Neemeth, 48, left her job, rental prope... read more

Nearly 2.2m teens fear they will become a victim of crime

Fear of crime is harming the well-being of teenage girls – with one in three scared that they will be attacked by a stranger, research has found. A damning re... read more

Houston convention center overflows with 9,000 survivors

Hurricane Harvey has dumped the most rain in American history as catastrophic scenes unfold in Houston with shelters overwhelmed with survivors, a curfew in pla... read more

Photographs capture moment man finds out he will be a dad

A mother-to-be enlisted a photographer to capture the heartwarming moment her husband learned he was going to become a dad for the first time.   Chelsie Moral... read more

Emergency appeal keep monstrous Sydney paedophile in jail

The NSW government has for the first time been granted an emergency application to keep a ‘high-risk sex offender’ who poses a risk to ‘adults... read more

Noel Fielding proves an acquired taste for Bake Off fans

The Great British Bake Off returned to TV screens across the country in the first show since its switch from the BBC to Channel 4. Fans of Britain’s favou... read more

What is going on inside Kim Jong-un’s mind?

So what is going on inside the mind of North Korea’s unpredictable ruler, Kim Jong-un? This question is exercising some of the best political and military... read more

Theresa May believes she can resolve EU trade impasse

Theresa May is planning to turn to Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to resolve the Brexit divorce bill dispute. Amid increasing anger over the EU’s handl... read more

Diana death driver could NOT have been drunk, says Burrell

Princess Diana’s driver could not have been drunk on the night she was killed in a traffic accident in Paris, her former butler has declared. Paul Burrell... read more

We’re just scapegoats tuition fees claims uni boss

Alan Jarvis, pictured, new head of Universities UK, defended the pay and conditions of senior academics  Universities have been ‘scapegoated’ over ... read more

How the animals are just as clever as chimpanzees

They have been spotted juggling with stones and holding paws while asleep to stop a partner floating away. Now otters have shown they are not just cute, but cle... read more

Melbourne barista wins $29,061 in back pay

A Melbourne barista has been back-payed $29,061 in a fair work ruling The cafe worker had been ripped off by up to $5 an hour for three years A Melbourne trades... read more

Rising temperatures causing Caspian sea to evaporate

Water levels in the Caspian Sea, Earth’s largest inland body of water, have been slowly evaporating for the past twenty years – and a new study has ... read more

Ageing parents rely on their children to ferry them about

Ageing parents are now 2.5 times more likely to rely on their children to drive them to appointments than five years ago Teenagers becoming less reliant on lift... read more

Prince William and Kate become full-time working royals

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will become full-time working royals next week, just as their son Prince George starts school. William and Kate have now moved... read more

Iain Duncan Smith fears marriage counselling cuts planned

Ministers have been accused of failing to grasp the importance of marriage counselling as it was claimed a £70million cash pledge is under threat. Former work ... read more

Crash claims against drivers without insurance soar 10%

The number of compensation claims lodged against uninsured drivers has risen for the first time in a decade. The rise was revealed yesterday by the Motor Insura... read more

British couple’s adopted son wins a place at Oxford

An orphan who became a straight-A student and won a place at Oxford University is facing deportation from Britain. Friends of 21-year-old ‘genius’ B... read more

Great British Bake Off is back with crazy creations

They are creations that would not look out of place in the final of The Great British Bake Off. Yet these extraordinarily convincing ‘illusion cakes’, made ... read more

One in six families are left with a funeral debt of £1,700

Funeral poverty has reached an all-time high, as those who struggle to pay take on an average debt of almost £1,700, figures show. The average cost of a funera... read more

Kezia Dugdale quits as Scottish Labour leader

Kezia Dugdale has quit as the leader of the Scottish Labour party saying it is time to ‘pass the baton’ to someone else. The 36-year-old politician ... read more

Sailor rescued from reef in the Pacific with his family

A man stranded with his wife and two children on a shark-infested reef in the south Pacific had miraculously dodged a watery grave before, in the Bermuda Triang... read more

Kim Jong-un oversaw launch of North Korea’s missile test

Kim Jong-un was there in person to oversee the launch of North Korea’s latest long-range ballistic missile test which flew 1,700 miles over Japan. Tuesday... read more